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There are two golden rules I abide by. For health reasons, it's not recommend wearing heels if you have to do a lot of walking daily. They put an enormous amount of pressure on the balls of your feet - effects you'll start feeling in 10 or so years time. They're best for a quick coffee between classes or at dinners, drinks and clubbing with your girlfriends. Secondly, I recommend making shoes an investment. You can always mix clothes and buy on the cheap, but you should never skimp on footwear!
♥ Comfort for Everyday Wear
If you plan to be out all day, say, breakfast with the girls before rushing off to back-to-back classes and your part-time teaching gig, and heels are for some reason an ABSOLUTE must in your ensemble, choose a pair that's comfortable to walk around in. One or two-inch low heels, platform wedges or block heels are my personal favorites. The low heel - a kitten heel for one - puts less pressure on your feet, and the platform front on higher three-inch heels works with the same effect.
Better yet, lounge around in flats and pack your heels in your bag. Just whip them out only when you need to! 

♥ When the Higher Is Really the Better
Save those four-inch or higher stiletto heels for a fancy night out on the town or when you'll be mostly seated in class or the library (when you only have to be walking from your desk to the stacks). Mid-height pointy-toed heels are perfect for the office while peep-toe pumps amp your look for a classy finish. If you're having trouble with the height, again the trick is to choose a pair with a platform front. The higher the better to avoid a strenuous arch in your feet.
♥ Summer Sandals
Sandal flats, pumps and wedges are essentials in a girl's summer wardrobe. Gladiator and ankle-strapped sandals are popular this season. Thong sandals always go well with anything! A softer and thicker sole will always offer more comfort when you walk. For your feet's comfort level, don't choose uber-flat sandals. Choose styles that offer arch support or you'll be wanting to go barefoot immediately. 

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