Kara – ‘Jumping’ Sparkly Make-up Tutorial

Want to snag the understated sexy make-up look of Kara in their latest release, ‘Jumping’?
Korean make-up artist Jung Saem Mool is an expert in Korean celebrity make up, and she shows you how to achieve the look in the video below.
The video has no voice overs, and shows only Korean text — however, it’s very, very easy to follow. Fangirl Diaries has also translated the description and the list of make-up brands and tools that she used. Read on!

“Hallyu stars Kara have released their fourth mini-album called ‘Jumping’, where they showcase a more mature look. Their make-up looks main features are: their shiny smooth skin, and bejeweled eyelashes. First, use foundation and concealer to cover skin imperfections. Then, a blush and shimmer highlighter for luster and depth. Apply shading powder under your cheekbones for a faint shadow. Use eyeliner and beige shadow to create long lines along your top and bottom lashes. For the main effect, use different types of lashes, including those with a touch of pearls/jewels along the bottom lash line for added texture. Finish off with nude/pink lip gloss with a touch of pearls and your ‘Jumping’ sexy but youthful makeup is now complete!”
Translated by: Fangirl Diaries

  • BASE: Any foundation in a natural color
  • BLUSH: Clio Art Highlighter in shade #2, Soft Pink
  • HIGHLIGHER: Missha Nature Mineral Pearl Pact in shade #1, Pink Beige
  • SHADING POWDER: Missha Nature Mineral Blush in shade #4, Brown
  • EYE CREAM: Benefit Creaseless Eye Cream and Liner in Honey Bunny
  • EYE SHADOW: Etude House Golden Ratio Shimmer Powder in shade #2, Brown
  • EYELINER: Missha Doe-style eyeliner in Black
  • EYE LINE GRADIATION: Missha Nature Mineral shadow in shade #1, Peach Gold
  • LASHES: Shiseido eyelash curler and any brand of false eyelashes
  • SPECIAL TOUCH: False eyelashes with gems (from any drugstore beauty section)
  • MASCARA: Nyx Dry waterproof mascara
  • EYEBROWS: Bobbi Brown eyebrow mascara
  • LIPS: Nature Republic Eau de Shine lip gloss in shade #PK107, Sugar Pink
Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact same products. As with everything in make-up, you don’t have to have the same tools to be able to achieve the look. If you’re worried that this look is too fierce or strong for you, you can skip the eyeliner and focus on the pink and beige tones demonstrated during the first part of the video.
Be creative and have fun! Most importantly, carry the look with the same youthful charm as Hara, Nicole, Gyuri, Jiyoung and Seunghyun!

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The Victory of The Youngest Maknae

It's been a long time i have neglected this blog. I'm so sorry guys. 
There's something that i must done this months. I'm so exhausted!!! 
But i'm still trying to bring this blog to life. Kekekekeke....

Yesterday i just knew that the youngest maknae of Big Bang had launch his mini album, VVIP. And he released 2 music video, "What Can I do" and "V.V.i.P". And he did a comeback stage on Mnet Countdown last night.

"What can i do"

Mnet Countdown "comeback stage"
Personally, i think he so cute, the cutest maknae of entire kpop groups. Kekekeke.. He's just like a prince charming. In his new music video, i saw that he's definetely gained so much progress of his singing skills, and ofcourse his dancing skills is impressed many people from the very beggining of Big Bang debut. His singing skills is so much improved since his last solo album, included Strong baby. 

We have seen Seungri's and GD TOP debut for the last two months. And now, can you imagine how great that Big Bang will comeback on February?? It's gonna be HUGE !! It's gonna be AWESOME !! It's gonna be a BIG BANG VICTORY in kpop industry !! It's gonna VIP !!
They will be back !! So watch out !!
The kings is back !!
And the yellow crown is breaking all over the world !!

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I am a BlackJack

I Love 2NE1 so much.
so yess, i am a BlackJacks !! 
BlackJack is named of 2NE1 fanbase.
The girls has their own unique style and power. CL is the leader is really powerful rap, just like GD the leader of Big Bang who also really a powerful rapper.Park Bom is the main vocal who has really beautiful voices, so unique and she definetely has a high pitch. Sandara Park, wooot, she has many fanboys including artist too, she can rap, she can sing, she can dance and she's so beautiful. Minzy, this girl is a dance machine!! Really good in dancing and rapping !! 
So, this is the reason why you should be fall in love with them, because they not just has a pretty face, or sexy body with a mini skirt showing you their leg all the time, but instead they got their unique fashion style, they become a role model in korea. Just like Big Bang who has trend the fashion trend "Big Bang fashion", so does 2NE1 with their "2NE1 fashion". Each ot them is talented, and this make them really standing out between the other girl group in kpop.
Park Bom

  Sandara Park

Here's their video and you'll gonna love the girls!!
2NE1 "fire" MV
2NE1 "follow me" MV
2NE1 "clap your hand" MV
2NE1 "can't nobody" MV
2NE1 "go away" MV
2NE1 "it hurts" MV
2NE1 "don't stop the music" MV
2NE1. "lollipop ft Big Bang" MV
Park Bom "you and i" MV
Sandara Park "Kiss" MV

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I am V.I.P

During 2010, I become a die hard kpop lovers !!!
yeah right...
I have know kpop since 2008, but for the last a year, i really into this kpop, a really die hard kpopers. From all kpop group, i do really love YG Artist, escpecially

and recently YG had launched their new rapper duo, GD & TOP, whose originally Big Bang rapper, both of them was already had their own solo album previously. Other Big Bang member who also had their own solo album is Taeyang and Seungri. I love all the boys solo album. They just had their own unique style of music. But Daesung is the only member who had not doing solo album, but he does do act in some dramas and he also does a voice dubber in animation movie, Sammy Adventure.

 SeungRi / V.I
I'am VIP
VIP is named of Big Bang fanbase.

and here's their video that i really love so much..
take a look, and you will love them !

GD & TOP "knock out" MV
GD & TOP "high high" MV

Big Bang, "haru haru" MV

Big Bang "lies" MV

Big Bang "Tell me goodbye" MV

Big Bang "Beautiful hangover" MV

Big Bang "gara gara go" MV

Big Bang "let me hear your voice" MV

Big Bang, "lollipop 2" MV

TOP "Turn it up" MV

Taeyang "I need girl" MV

SeungRi "strong baby" MV

GD "heartbreaker" MV

GD "breathe" MV

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My 2010 Moments (Part 2)

My life in 2010
I got my first job !!
 I took almost six months after graduated from my university to get my first job !! Hahahaha.. before i got this job, i had already did so many job interview or job recruitment from many companies. But unforunately, i was not lucky !! i was failed !! But hey, even that i was failed in those many job recruitment test, i had learned a lot!! it made me got usual to face the next job interview / test. So no nervous anymore, a very smooth and clear answer to gave, a self confident to face the users, and learn about the propriate behaviour during job interview. 
And here i am. I got my first job. Now i'm working at HALLIBURTON, Wireline and Perforating Services based in Indonesia, as secretary. 
Yeaahh... i have to admit that this job has no relation with my education background which is Architecture. But i do learn a lot from this kind of job, and i got so much precious experiences here. And next time, when i have to leave this job (when my job contract is over and i realize that i don't want to work here anymore), i will have a good resume and reccomendation if i want to apply a job in other company. 
I have a dream too, one day i want to have my own interior design consultant, a handbag and shoes boutiques, and a restaurants. And i'm still pursuing it. I would never ever forget it and give up! No.. what i am doing now is just a learning process in my life to get some many precious experiences that definetely bring a benefit to me in the future. 
My fiance, has his own company called RAIN STUDIO, a dynamic architecture, interior design and visualization studio. you can visit his site to view his design and his rendering 3D here  
actually, this studio is belong to me and him. so maybe i could handle the interior projects in the future by my own self, and my fiance (my future hubby) could handle the architecture projects and also 3D visualization. My fiance had already began his career since 5 years ago as a freelancer which design an interior, architecture project and he also one of the best 3D Artist in my country, he had win a various design competition. And now we're going profesional built this company (RAIN STUDIO)  that will become our own kingdom.
Wish us luck guys..

Celebrated our 6 years anniversary
we have been togehter since 2004 October 22nd.
and in 2010 we were celebrated our 6 years anniversary.
and this year we have plan to get engage.
*crossing fingers*
I have visited the great Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta
 on June, i had a beautiful journey in Yogyakarta with my mom, my sister and my fiance. we had been in yogyakarta for 5 days. and we had visited  many beautiful places such as Prambanan temple, Yogyakarta Palace (Keraton), Tamansari bathing places, and the famous Malioboro. 
We had so much fun. And i really impressed with the beauty and the greatness of Prambanan temple.

to be continue..
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iiiih, blognya keren >_<!

thank you ya..
hope you enjoy it..
aniwei, Happy New Year for you..

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