Blush !! Blush !! Blush !!

There are 3 basic types of Blush:

♥ Powder Blush ♥
- Powders are the most basic form of Blush.
- Powder works well on most types of skin (Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Combination, Oily), but can look a little powdery on extremely dry skin.
- Apply Powder Blush with a Blush Brush or the ones that come with a built-in sponge

♥ Cream Blush ♥
- Creams can add a natural dewiness to your cheeks
- Cream Blushes work well for Normal, Dry, and Combination Skin, but can apply unevenly on very Oily skin.
- Apply Cream Blushes with clean fingers or a makeup sponge

♥ Gel/Liquid/Tint Blush ♥
- Gel/Liquid/Tint Blushes can give a beautiful sheer glow in a texture you may not be familiar with.
- Gel/Liquid/Tints can be used on all skin types, but be sure to blend well!
- Apply Gel/Liquid/Tints with clean fingers and blend quickly (They tend to dry quickly)

* There are so many different blush colors, but I’ve recently been using a lot of Peach blushes, and it gives a really beautiful and natural glow.
* I also like using a hint of bright pink for a cute and flirty look.
* If you want a glow, but don’t want too much color, find a nice bronzer to give your face a natural glow.
So if you want to add some oomph to your look without a lot of work…. Don’t be shy… Grab a blush and get glowing!


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