Choose The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Finding the lip color that's made for your skin tone is not quite as simple, unfortunately.
In the meantime, check out these work-for-everyone lip tips:
1. If you can't afford the trendy dress of the season, chances are you can afford the hot lip color, so use it to change up your look.
2. To make your lips look bigger, gloss 'em up. You can also apply a pearlized highlighter in the bow of your lip for a boost.
3. General lippy rule: the darker the color, the smaller your lips will look (same goes for your eyes). The lighter and brighter, the larger they'll seem.

If your skin is super pale
What to try: your best bet is to go nude. Think peachy lipsticks and nude colored glosses. For a glam look with major impact, try red lipstick.
What to avoid: dark chocolate and burgundy shades, they're too contrasting with your pale skin.

If your skin is super dark
What to try:  anything goes with darker complexions -- lucky girl. Try orange or coral shades for a fun pop of color and don't forget to load up on the gloss to showcase your full lips. Yes, everyone will be jealous, but that's kinda the point, right?
What to avoid: Stay away from milky or chalky colors with a lot of white in them because they're too contrasting -- unless you're going for a mod 60s look.

If you have olive-toned skin
What to try:
If you have olive-toned skin (think Hispanic, Italian, Greek) then pretty much anything will look absolutely lovely on you. For a really amazing look, try coral lipstick -- so hot right now.
What to avoid: OK, so there are some shades you should steer clear of. One: Purple, it'll accentuate the yellow undertones in your skin and give you a sallow look. Two: Brown, it can look too monochromatic.

If your skin has yellow undertones
What to try:
Blue-based reds are perfect when you want to really dress up. Flesh tones with gloss are gorgeous for this skin tone. You can also try bronze shades for a somewhat monochromatic look.
What to avoid: Stay away from purple, it'll bring out the yellow in your skin and can make you look sickly. Same goes for anyone with yellowish teeth.

If your skin has pink undertones
What to try: Try peach tones for a softer look or orange based or brick reds for a classic pin-up girl look.
What to avoid: Blue-based reds will clash with your skin tone, so not pretty.

If you are Asian
What to try: you likely have awesome full lips with a natural coral tint. So play it up with coral lipstick and lots of lip gloss.

If you are Middle Eastern

What to try: Nude lips will look amazing on you. Especially since you likely have gorgeous long lashes (so jealous), a nude lip color will be a great contrast.

If you are Native American
What to try: Your skin likely has warm tones, so a copper lip color will play that up beautifully.

If you are Indian
What to try: Color, color and more color -- it will all look amazing on you. Orange is almost like a neutral, so try it or a pink shade for day. For night, go with a brick red -- it's not too over-the-top but will still make a great statement.


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