Style Tips for Men : Korean Style for Chubby Guys

You guys really like the new style that is often seen nowadays in Korea using cropped/rolled-up pants and a short-sleeve button-up shirt. For chubby guys who like Korean style, and wants to know how to mix and match to achieve a nice style to show a ‘slimmer’ figure, so here’s some tips what you need to know and what you don't need to know so that you may embrace your huggable yet fashionable side!

Myth :         Korean Fashion is about thin and thinner!
Answer :      FALSE
You have to believe when I tell you that not everyone in South Korea comes in one size. They have all sorts of sizes, just like the rest of us humans. They just come as more well dressed (mainly what we see on K-dramas and movies) because they aim for a good fit with their clothes. No baggy basketball jerseys or shorts, no oversized T-shirts or hoodies, no looking like they haven't showered in days. Take a look at SuperJunior's Shindong and fellow K-pop celebrity Kim Tae Woo. They are the exception to the rule and yet they still channel a very cool and confident vibe. 

Myth :        Chubby guys can't do skinny jeans.
Answer :      I'm on the fence on this one.
Some big and tall guys are able to pull this off because their height somehow balances the width. Personally, though, I would advise average-height guys to skip the skinny and hip-hop (read: saggy, baggy and down-to-your-knees length) styles and opt for regular or athletic cut jeans. However, like I said, there's no harm in experimenting. By trial and error, you'll figure out what looks good for your body type. 

Myth :       Chubby guys can't do stripes.
Answer :    FALSE
Certainly not! It's just a matter of going in the right direction. You want VERTICAL, not horizontal stripes. If you are aching to wear stripes (like those rugby polo shirts), skip the ones that feature very wide stripes and go for thinner lines such as pinstripe. Also consider the color combinations. You don't want a black-and-yellow combination of stripes or you'll end up looking like a bumblebee.

Myth :       Chubby guys should show more leg to look taller.
Answer :    FALSE
Shorts and miniskirts look good because they make petite women look more leggy and taller (and you guys certainly appreciate that!) but I don't think the same can be said for men. That said, showing your ankles under cropped pants is not advisable. If you really want to wear the trend of roll-up or cropped pants, go instead for shorts that hit exactly above your knee. Any higher than that and you should be playing tennis.
Myth :      Chubby guys can't do prints or patterns.
Answer :   FALSE
Save for the larger-than-the-actual-state Hawaiian prints, opt out on the crazy, psychedelic patterns that can induce blindness or motion sickness. You want "tasteful" and "sophisticated", not "loud and crazy".. Big and bold prints make you look larger than life, literally. So even if your girlfriend is begging you to wear matching giant soccer ball-patterned T-shirts for World Cup game watching, say NO.
Love your size!


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