First Job Basics Outfit

I watch a lot of Asian dramas and I really like their sleek, sophisticated styles of corporate wear. 
From what I've seen, Asian women certainly take pains to look professionally polished. And by pains, I mean pains - shopping, shoes and style. So, my first official piece of advice: never wear tracksuits to work, even if they're designer tracksuits.  
If you love K-dramas that much, notice that the ladies always seem to lean towards showing their femininity. - A-line skirts, luxe ruffled blouses and classic pencil skirts. Yet, they also love showing their androgynous side with tailored pantsuits and well-cut blazers.
While real life fashion doesn't always play out like a TV drama, it's always good to start with the basics. First, check your closet. Good pair of flat-front trousers? Pencil skirt? A crisp long-sleeved white shirt? How about a jacket? If you don't have these yet, then make these items your essentials. After you get your first paycheck, then add more to your closet. You don't have to settle for solids or plain colors all the time, unless you want to look like a schoolmarm. Your personal style will show through the details: ruffles, pinstripes, colors and choice of fabrics, and accessories of course.
The usual combinations are a blouse-and-pants/skirt, or a one-piece dress. If you're not wearing a blazer, make the blouse or skirt your statement piece, but not both. The key is to make one element in your ensemble stand out. Look for exuberant ruffles on creamy blouses, decadent lace cut with a mandarin collar, tulip skirts and high-waisted styles, and satin or sheer chiffon fabrics for a heightened look of elegance. 

As a fresh grad, not only do you look young but you feel it too, so try not to look too conservative. Pair your blouse with an A-line or jumper skirt. Save the pencil skirts for days when you want to really dress to impress. Floral patterns and high-waist cuts make your skirt a statement piece and team these with crisp plain dress shirts.

A statement dress always plays with architecture and construction, with details like draping and angular cuts. On the other hand, demure dresses heighten sophistication with its simplicity. Hems should always hit knee-length or just a couple of inches above when in the office.
Even on late spring or summer days, you'll need some light outerwear for air- conditioned areas, as well as to tailor and refine your look. Blazers will streamline sleek sophistication in any outfit so you'll look smart even with a chiffon top and jeans on casual Fridays; invest in one or two that will last you for seasons. Cardigans soften your look and offer more femininity without the tailored architecture of blazers. On warm summer days, a light shawl should suffice.

The skirt suit is a popular workwear piece this season - it's sharp, sassy and smart. Since you're just starting out, save this strong "power woman" piece for presentations and formal meetings, unless of course you work at a job where daily power dressing is required. Investing in one piece is more than enough for now.
The look is finished with a sweep up -do, like a chignon or bun, and sky-high heels. If you can't do heels, practice first with two-inch pairs. One alternative is wedge heels. They can go as high as four inches but provide more stability. Asian women never do flats in the office so the trick is to keep a pair handy at your desk to relieve your aching feet.

all images by yesstyle

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Banana Diet ( in the morning !! )

The morning banana diet is one of the most efficient ways to help you in having a successful weight loss program.
As you can tell from its name, morning banana diet does mean that you have to substitute your meals drastically with eating bananas all day. This diet is based on the simple idea of consuming only bananas for breakfast, accompanied by a glass of room temperature water. Sounds good, don’t you think? Well, this is the main idea behind the morning banana diet, the program that gets more and more ground worldwide.  

♥ The banana diet follows a very simple plan. The developers of the diet claim that eating only bananas and consuming a glass of lukewarm water for breakfast is a highly efficient way to lose weight. You can eat as many bananas as you wish, until you feel full and then down it with room temperature water

♥ Another important thing bout this diet is the fact that you can eat anything for the rest of the meals, but make sure that you don’t eat after 8 p.m. Talking about restrictions, there is only a few things you should avoid eating and this is desserts and dairy products ♥ 

For lunch, you can eat a meal of your choice and in the middle of the afternoon, around 3 or 4, you are allowed to eat one piece of sweet snack. No chocolate after dinner, only lukewarm water. One of the basic things about this diet is that you should keep yourself to is eating only before 8 p.m
There are no restrictions about dinner either, only one thing: desserts have to be avoided in order to increase the chance of losing weight faster and healthier. But this is just natural, as you will cut back on your calorie input since sweets and desserts are usually real calorie bombs. If you pay a little attention to meal timing and to choosing the proper food during your banana diet you can achieve fabulous results ♥

The last key element of this diet is to go to bed before midnight and get sufficient sleep to give your body the well deserved rest and help the proper functioning of your organism in order to maintain your health 
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A Flawless Face

A common problem I see among Asian women is their two-toned face.  Their face will be one color, but their neck is another color. Another is that they don’t choose the right shade for their skin tone.
This can happen very easily because most people’s faces are lighter than their body because they’re wearing sunscreen.
*If you’re not wearing sunscreen daily, start now! Even in the winter, you should be wearing AT LEAST SPF 15!*

In order to fix this problem, there are a few quick fixes:

♥ Tinted Moisturizer ♥
This is the lightest formula- It gives light coverage and evens out skin tone.  I never used to use Tinted Moisturizer, but I’ve recently started and am very happy with the results. It’s great for people who don’t want to spend a lot of  time and want a natural look.
* Tinted Moisturizer is great because it’s quick and easy- You can get moisturizer, foundation, and SPF in one*

♥ Foundation ♥
There are many different formulas. Play around at a Sephora or Cosmetics Counter and find out what’s best for you.
Creme Foundation: Creme formulas are recommended for older skin because they reduce the appearance of fine lines (while powder formulas can settle into wrinkles).  I like the texture of Creme foundation and think it gives good coverage.  
Powder Foundation: Powder Foundation is great for Oily Skin.  I personally prefer other formulas before Powder, but people love Bare Minerals. 
Liquid Foundation: Liquid foundation applies very smoothly and can give a lot of coverage with a little product. Your skin will look amazing.

♥ Concealer ♥
Many people put on concealer before foundation, but I like to put it on afterwards.  Most of the time, foundation will do the trick. If you have blemishes, you can add the tiniest amount of concealer on top of the foundation and blend with a blending brush.  Set with powder.

♥ Powder/Bronzer ♥
If you find that your face is lighter after putting on all your makeup, you can dust on a darker powder or use a bronzer.  Start light and add more as you go. It’s always  easier to add more makeup than to correct mistakes.

♥ Self-Tanner ♥
I hope you ladies are not tanning (Skin cancer, Wrinkles, Leathery skin are a few reasons to avoid it)
Instead, buy a bottle of Self-Tanner.  I like the Daily Self-Tanners from Jergens and Banana Boat and Clarins
* When looking for makeup, make sure you are in good lighting. Flourescent lighting is the worst*
* If you have trouble finding the right color for your skin, go to a professional and have them pick out a color for you (but make sure they pick the right one…. just because they work there doesn’t mean they know makeup)*
* You’ll probably need different foundation depending on the season*

♥ So I hope these tips are helpful and you will have flawless, perfect looking skin! ♥

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Taeyang's Biker Look

Taeyang in his attractive red leather jacket contrasting to the white vest, belt and cap. Simple combination of colours and makes this outfit suit many occasions.  

♥ To Get Taeyang's Look ♥
Red Leather Jacket
White Buckle Belt
White Cap

all images by YESSTYLE

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Introduction to Korean Men's Fashion

Because we were on the topic of Big Bang and the South Korean entertainment industry last time, I did some image-hunting in the category of men’s fashion from the aforementioned country. (The band is actually slotted under the ‘Korean hip-hop’ genre, but I’m not getting into that because it’s essentially the same here, too. Though I do have a thing for guys in suits and skinny ties–which isn’t technically hip hop at all.)
Apparently, South Korea’s considered a huge filter for Asia through which the west flows through, and whatever is hot in Korea is usually fawned over in the rest of Asia. Even the Asian-Americans love it–their TV shows (dramas!), their bands, clothes–the list goes on. My friends certainly love (the ones who care about all things Asian, at least).
I suppose it’s because compared with the rest of the continent, South Korea’s much less stifling in terms of governmental regulation. I remember the last time I went to China, they showed a Korean movie with 50% of the contents (all the fight scenes) cut out. And let me tell you, having watched the original version, those fights scenes were mild by any standard.
Fashion’s very universal these days (mostly picked up through the west), though the S. Korea style is still distinct in its own way. The light colors are more apparent in fashion for the female half of the population, but even with the men the cuts remain clean. I notice the general trend of solid colors distinct in each layer and an air of remarked simplicity.
Keep in mind that what usually epitomizes Korean fashion is what is distilled through TV and celebrities, and not necessarily representative of the whole. That said, onto the eye-candy.

The meeting of casual and formal  is one of my favorite mixes from guy style; suit jackets are for more than court rooms, executive offices, and debate competitions.
The partially-buttoned shirt over the t-shirt (left) appears a lot - which I love;  solid scooped shirts are basic necessity: so why don't you guys own one?
The puffy vest trend; the once-rectangular and thin black-rimmed glasses have gone wide, but remain black-rimmed.
 All images courtesy of kshoppers

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Big Bang ♥ Joyrich

An insanely trendy japanese influenced brand that is difficult to source here in the US  is however exclusively Los Angeles based . Joyrich holds one basic concept close to heart. That is happiness, freedom and self-expression equal a rich and joy filled life. Founder Tom, launched the full range men’s and women’s label in Feb. 2008 with a “think outside the box” mentality. Exploring a unique L.A. meets Japan style, Joyrich met the world with an always fresh, forward thinking perspective.
Big Bang Wearing Joy Rich
G Dragon was first seen wearing Joyrich and has since championed the brand and his influence has fed down to his band members! Check out the Joyrich cardigan GD wore in thailand recently.
G dragon wears Joyrich cardigan
Available now from karmaloop.com
Then there were the promotional materials in which G-Dragon was wearing the pink leather jacket by Joyrich also know as chemical dye jacket.
Pink leather JoyRich jacket
pink leather joyrich
TOP also rocking a simple but damn bright and cool pink perforated Joyrich jacket.
SeungRi also wearing the blue biker style hoody!
T.O.P pink perforated joyrich jacket
sueng ri in blue biker style hoody by joyrich
 The love affair with this brand isnt one sided – on the official Joyrich blog  the founder has declared his admiration for G-dragon! and also stated that Big Bang are his favourite artists on his twitter account.

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Taeyang's Trademark Hat-Wear Style

♥ Wear your hats in a cool and stylish way like Taeyang ♥
As you maybe have already noticed, Taeyang always wear his hats in the same way. As shown in the photos, we can see the look involves wearing the hat by having the left side high up and the right front down, sometimes covering the eyes. But the latter is not recommended during everyday activities, best for photo shoots and profile pictures.
By wearing a hat this way, will bring out more angles to your face as it creates more shadows giving a more mysterious cool look. Try it out! Take some photos under different lightings, you will notice the difference. Just make sure the hat does not get in the way of your vision.

Here are some hats you maybe like from Yesstyle :

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Guide to High-Waisted Style

High-waist is back in fashion in order to add glamour to our silhouettes. From pants to shorts and skirts, high-waisted clothing items are once again among the key elements of our wardrobes. High-waist means, first of all, style, femininity and retro. 

Wear high-waisted clothes if you are petite as contrary to what one might think they make you look taller due to an optical illusion of elongating your legs. In order to get the effect, choose straight-cut pants, rather than slim or too flared ones, and match them with a pair of platforms. You can also go for a pencil skirt, but make sure you always wear it with high-heels.
If you are rather curvy, high-waisted clothes will help you enhance your femininity and your beautiful curves. The best thing to do this is by choosing a dress and emphasize the waist by adding a wide belt. If you have larger buttocks and thighs, a high-waist will make you look taller and slimmer. Choose a straight-cut skirt or a pair of flared pants.
A high-waist works well even if you have a boyish figure. Choose a pair of jeans with a high-waist, corset style, or types of pants that have buttons.
If you are rather full-figured a pair of high-waisted flared jeans or pants, a little bit loose on the legs, it's the perfect choice. In this case you can even wear high-waisted shorts or short jumpsuits, especially if you have beautiful legs.
 A high-waisted mini skirt is the best choice if you want to face summer heat. Wear it with a tucked-in sleeveless top and high-heeled sandals or for a more relaxed look, take a pair of flat sandals. Make sure the fabrics used are breezy and comfortable. If you are more boyish, a ruffled high-waisted skirt and a simple tank top will add some curves to your figure. If the silhouette allows you to, you can pick a tighter skirt. However, in order to balance the look, match it with a loose t-shirt.
High-waisted loose shorts, made from soft fabrics, are so versatile and can be worn in so many different combinations in order to create casual and more elegant outfits. Match them with a loose tucked-in shirt and a pair of platforms. You can replace the shirt with something more effortless such as a basic t-shirt, and if it gets a little bit cold, you can take a denim jacket or a boyfriend blazer over the tee. 
High-waisted pants can be worn with an oversized shirt made from a light fabric, and a pair of high-heeled sandals. This is an office appropriate outfit too. For example, take a pair of carrot pants and match them with tucked-in t-shirts for a casual look, or with feminine blouses for a more elegant and sophisticated look.
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