Kebaya, My Wedding Dress

 You can read about the history and the origin of kebaya here

But for me,the easily recognizable features of today’s kebaya – a tight fitting blouse that enhances the torso of the woman; the fold-back collarless neck and front opening; long sleeves; and the type of semi-transparent fabric – are evident in the kebaya of the past century. Traditional kebaya required the torso of the women to be wrapped with a long piece of cloth called a stagen. Women of higher social status would have help in wrapping their torso with the stagen however women who were not so fortunate to have help could dress themselves by tying the end of the stagen to a post and literally wrapping themselves into it. 
The semi-transparent kebaya blouse was then worn overtop of the stagen.  This blouse was fastened with a brooch rather than buttons and buttonholes. It was customary to combine the kebaya with kain – a length of unstitched cloth worn on the lower part of the body, often (and incorrectly) referred to in the English language as sarong. This kain was wrapped around the body with the pleats being placed at the front of the body. Traditinally this kain was dipped in a cornstach solution and then carefully folded by hand into pleats and pressed to produced the crisp look that was desired. 
Nowadays, kebaya became national dress for Indonesian womens. And kebaya is so popular for wedding, and for me, i like wearing kebaya, it give me full sense of femininity of women.
If we try to define what a kebaya is, it may prove to be difficult as it is constantly changing to reflect the changing times and fashions that Indonesia is experiencing. Nonetheless, it is possible to make some generalizations about the kebaya. Most Kebaya are made from a lace brocade. Most kebaya fabric uses a floral motif either printed or woven into the textile and its length can fall somewhere from above the waist to below the knee. It usually, but not always, has long sleeves. It is usually fastened at the front, and if not, then gives a semblance of doing so. Some variations of the kebaya will use a batik sash, which is coordinated with the kain, draped over the shoulder as an added accessory.
Although women in the market can be seen wearing kebaya, we can also see exquisite variations of them in government gatherings and parties and high society social functions. The beauty of this national dress is undeniable. Some of the most influential women in Indonesia are married in kebaya that can be described as “works of art” with their hand embroidered detailing and beading. Designers such as Ami Amianto have helped to promote the kebaya not only as a important part of Indonesian clothing history but as a very beautiful item of clothing that Indonesian women are proud to wear.
So the next time you see a women wearing a kebaya you will understand that she is not just wearing a functional piece of clothing but she is also wearing a symbol of Indoneia’s cultural history which represents national symbolism and high fashion too!

This week, i have plan to visit some popular kebaya designer and taylor in my town to made my kebaya wedding, offcourse i do some research and browse some model of kebaya wedding that suitable for me and my size L body. hahahahaaa....
yeaah, my size L body needs a certain models of kebaya wedding that will make me look slimmer, because not all of models can be wearing by a big womens. But once big womens wear a kebaya, she will look gorgeous !!!
And here's some model that i like so much, and i will bring this pic to the kebaya designer and they automatically will knew what the best model for me and my body. 
 So, let me visit my kebaya designer first, and i will show you my wedding kebaya model and the kain/fabric. 


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♥ I'm Getting Married ♥

hellooo there..
how's life? 
Well, it's quiet long time i have neglected this blog, really sorry about that. I missed my blog so much and i missed shared a beautiful things in life with you guys. Well, i decided to comeback in blogging and i starting it right now with one big news.
On June 26th i'm officially enganged with  my fiance, we had been together since 2004, woowww... it's almost 7 seven years ago since the first time he asked me to be his girlfriend, when we were young until nowadays, we getting old. kekekeee....
And the wedding will be held on  November, 11th 2011.
Isn't a beautiful date to have a wedding? 
So yes, it's mean that i will be so busy to prepare all wedding things, including Kebaya, the decoration, the catering, the souvenirs, the wedding invitations, the prewedding, seserahan (gifts for the bride from the groom), akad ijab kabul (moslem wedding) and all the small things. It's so exhausted but in the same time, i felt so excited. 
And i will post all about my wedding preparation in nona ellin's blog. I hope you can enjoy it, eventhough is only a small wedding celebration, but it's once for a lifetime, so it mean huge to me.
See you on the next post, it's about Kebaya, an Indonesian's female traditional cloths. If Japanese have Kimono, so Indonesians womens have Kebaya. It's so beautiful, i promise it.


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Beauty Tips and Recommendations [cont]

♥ When you spray perfume, spray it into the air and put your wrist under it.  You can also spray above you and walk under it. Much more natural 
♥ Don't smoke. Yellow teeth, Wrinkles, Leathery skin. Think of the lady in "There's Something About Mary" 
♥ Try to stay away from plastic surgery. It's amazing what you can do with makeup 
♥ Don't be afraid to use color.  It brightens your face, and can brighten your day and others too 
♥ If you're having an "ugly day", do as the celebs do and put on a hat, a scarf, and sunglasses.  You'll look mysterious! 
♥ Don't be afraid to go "all out".  Who cares what people say as long as you are happy with the way you look!  My favorite words: "Do whatever you want" 
♥ More important than having a beautiful face is having a beautiful heart.  
♥ Smile. You'll look 100 times more beautiful in an instant!  =) 
More Bang For Your Buck 
♥ If you drop an eyeshadow and it breaks, put it into a small jar and use as a pigment. You can use as eyeshadow, mix with gloss to make lipstick, or put on your cheeks as blush! 
♥ Add lotion to your foundation to make it lighter and more like a tinted moisturizer. 
Add lotion to concealer to make it more of a foundation texture. 
♥ Use Vaseline as lip gloss, eye gloss, and to give your skin a dewy look on the top of your cheeks 
♥ To make your manicure last longer, put on a clear top coat every day or every other day. 
♥ You can make your own eyeliner by mixing your eyeshadow with water or a liquid sealer (I recommend the latter) 
♥ Buy pure pigment to make your own makeup. You only need a very little as these are very strong colors. You can make eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks. 
♥ If you buy the wrong color lipstick, use it as a cream blush or eyeshadow. 
♥ If you don't want to spend a lot of money on makeup brushes, head to an art supply store (such as Pearl Paints, A.C. Moore, or Michael's) and buy paint brushes. Many come in the same shapes and can work just as well as a makeup brush. Just make sure it is soft and doesn't shed. 
♥ Use Conditioner as shave gel. It works just as well and makes your skin soft! 
♥ Use baby powder as dry shampoo. If your hair is really oily, put a little bit of powder into your hand and run through your roots. 


Beauty Tips and Recommendations

I have neglected this blog (again) for almost two months!! Oh gosshh.. I feel so bad, and i really miss my blog, i realized that this blog is my passion. For two months, theres a lot of hing that happen to me, including my new work place (yes, i have resigned from previously company because of some reason, and now i got a new job which is more promising high salary but with a less job desk, thanks GOD), and i got my hair cut shortly.. ayeeyy.. i cut my long and curly hair, because the hair is so bad, damaged! I want to growth a healthy hair again, so i got my hair short. Well, maybe in the next post i will share some pics of my short hair. kekeke,,
But now, i want to share some beauty tips and reccomendations that i got from Irene, a certified make up artist from her blog. I thought that this tips is really useful for us. So ennjoyy...
Tools and Applications 
♥ When putting on makeup, always start with a light hand. You can always add more, but it's much harder to take away. 
♥ Invest in good makeup brushes. No shedding, brittle, cheap stuff! 
♥ Make sure you keep your brushes clean. Try to clean them at least every week or two.  All you need is a little baby shampoo and warm water. Lay and dry flat.  And be gentle! 
♥ Use powder to set your makeup. Then mist your face to make it look dewy 
♥ Make sure you use the right color foundation and concealer for your skin tone. You want to make sure your face and neck are the same color! 
♥ Learn how to contour.  It will make a world of difference 
♥ Blend, Blend, Blend

♥ Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! 
♥ Sunscreen is key~ We don't like wrinkles! And if you want a tan, use a Self-Tanner or Tinted Moisturizer 
♥ Attempt to exfoliate with a gentle scrub, put on a mask depending on your skin type (mud mask for oily skin, peel off for everything else) 
♥ Invest in an at home microdermabrasion kit ( I like the Neutrogena one) 
Use eye cream both morning and night 
♥ * Use an SPF of at least 25 every day.  Makeup Forever, Clarins, and Neutrogena make great SPF lotions that are very light.  
♥ Use a primer when you really want your makeup to stay put 
♥ Tinted moisturizer is great to even out the skin tone without a lot of makeup 
♥ I like to use foundation before concealer. Put foundation where necessary (You don't need to put it all over your face as long as you have the right color for you).  Use concealer (mixed with a dab of lotion) on areas that have redness or discoloration.  Set with powder 
♥ Using a squeezed wet sponge (preferably the rounded versions) to put foundation only where you need it gives a much more natural look

♥ When it comes to eyes, the eyebrows are the most important feature because they frame the face.  Get your eyebrows profesionally waxed, teased, or threaded and you can maintain them yourself.   
♥ Draw in your eyebrows. It makes such a huge difference. Always use a much lighter color than you would expect. No black! A little bit of color goes a long way.   
♥ Use Visine or some other redness remover to give yourself bright and clear eyes. 
♥ Put on an eyeshadow primer, foundation, or concealer to hold your eye makeup before you put on eyeshadow.  I also like to put on a neutral skin-colored eye shadow on top before adding all my crazy colors. 
♥ Put a large amount of loose powder underneath your eyes.  This will keep the eye makeup you put on top from setting into your skin (aka shadow fallout).  After you finish your eyes, brush away the loose powder  
♥ For Asian eyes, you want to create a crease/depth by starting from the outer corner of your eye and outlining the round part of your eye towards the center. Blend. 
♥ * Add a light shimmery color on the inner corners of your eyes. It adds a little oomph! 
♥ Shimmer is absolutely fabulous (unless you're 50+. Then you need to use very  sparingly). Don't put all over (unless you like to go all out).  Use in certain areas at a time: on the inner corner, outer corner, all around up to the crease, or under the brow bone 
♥ It's all about the eyeliner. All about the eyeliner.  If you have trouble making a straight line, draw a few dots across the eye as close to the lash line as you can and then connect the dots. 
♥ If you don't feel comfortable with a lot of eyeliner, make a small line using brown/black pencil or eyeshadow right above your lashes. Blend. It makes a huge difference. If you feel it's too dark, put neutral shadow or powder over the line. 
♥ When you put on eyeliner, make a little wing at the ends, making sure it goes slightly up.  The thicker and farther out you go, the more glamorous and fabulous you will look. 
♥ Putting dark liner all the way across on the bottom will make your eye appear smaller.  Start from the end of the eye (away from your nose) and make a line about halfway. Make sure you blend well 
♥ Line the inner rim of your eye (the squishy wet part) on the bottom in a nude eyeliner to make eyes appear larger. Use white for more pop. Use color liner for a mysterious look. 
♥ If you feel that faux lashes look too fake, cut one in half, and put them on the ends of each eye. It looks much more natural that way. 
♥ Curling your eyelashes will open up your eyes a lot.  Start at the base of lashes, lightly hold a few seconds, and then lightly squeeze a few times.  Continue  until you get to the end of your lashes. DON'T CLAMP DOWN- you can break your lashes 
♥ Don't pump the mascara wand up and down- it will dry the mascara out faster. Twirl it around instead

♥ For an everyday look, smile and put blush on the apples of your cheeks (the part that sticks out).  Brush towards your ears and blend with fingers or powder brush 
♥ If you put too much blush on, or you want a more natural look, lightly dust powder on top of the blush and blend.  It'll look like you are glowing from within! 
♥ To contour in cheekbones, take a very dark foundation, find where your cheekbone is with your finger, put a line of foundation right underneath. Blend upwards. Take a lighter foundation and put right underneath your cheekbone and blend down 
♥ After putting on blush, run your finger (or a foundation brush) right underneath your cheekbones to blend and "separate" your blush from your skin color.  
♥ After putting on all your makeup and blush, put a little bit of lotion or balm lightly on top of the cheeks by lightly pressing it in.  It will make your skin look dewy. 
♥ *After all your makeup is applied, take a light foundation or concealer (foundation if you don't wear a lot of makeup, concealer if you're more experienced) and make the "s-line".  Start by drawing a line on top of your eyebrow, side of your face, underneath your eye, next to your nose, and in a curve from chin towards ear. BLEND! Instant face lift
*My Favorite Tips- Especially number 6

♥ Line the lips in a matching or similar lipliner.  It will help keep the lipstick from bleeding. For a more natural look, use a nude lipliner 
♥ If you really want your lipstick to last, put a very light coat of foundation on your lips before adding the lipstick.  You can also lightly powder on top of lipstick, then add another coat of lipstick. 
♥ Put a shimmery gloss in the center of your lips to make them pouty. 
♥ Adding gloss to bare lips or over any lipstick will make your lips pop! 
♥ For a perfect pout, line the outside of the lips with foundation to keep the lips from "bleeding" 
♥ For a very pretty and natural look, take a DAB of foundation and put all over your lips.  Take a reddish/pinkish lipstick and put in the middle of your lip. Blend out. 
♥ Use an at home whitening strip. You don't need to use them everyday like they say.  Once a week or every few weeks makes a difference, and you're teeth won't turn blueish or sensitive.

♥  to be continued ♥ 


Kara – ‘Jumping’ Sparkly Make-up Tutorial

Want to snag the understated sexy make-up look of Kara in their latest release, ‘Jumping’?
Korean make-up artist Jung Saem Mool is an expert in Korean celebrity make up, and she shows you how to achieve the look in the video below.
The video has no voice overs, and shows only Korean text — however, it’s very, very easy to follow. Fangirl Diaries has also translated the description and the list of make-up brands and tools that she used. Read on!

“Hallyu stars Kara have released their fourth mini-album called ‘Jumping’, where they showcase a more mature look. Their make-up looks main features are: their shiny smooth skin, and bejeweled eyelashes. First, use foundation and concealer to cover skin imperfections. Then, a blush and shimmer highlighter for luster and depth. Apply shading powder under your cheekbones for a faint shadow. Use eyeliner and beige shadow to create long lines along your top and bottom lashes. For the main effect, use different types of lashes, including those with a touch of pearls/jewels along the bottom lash line for added texture. Finish off with nude/pink lip gloss with a touch of pearls and your ‘Jumping’ sexy but youthful makeup is now complete!”
Translated by: Fangirl Diaries

  • BASE: Any foundation in a natural color
  • BLUSH: Clio Art Highlighter in shade #2, Soft Pink
  • HIGHLIGHER: Missha Nature Mineral Pearl Pact in shade #1, Pink Beige
  • SHADING POWDER: Missha Nature Mineral Blush in shade #4, Brown
  • EYE CREAM: Benefit Creaseless Eye Cream and Liner in Honey Bunny
  • EYE SHADOW: Etude House Golden Ratio Shimmer Powder in shade #2, Brown
  • EYELINER: Missha Doe-style eyeliner in Black
  • EYE LINE GRADIATION: Missha Nature Mineral shadow in shade #1, Peach Gold
  • LASHES: Shiseido eyelash curler and any brand of false eyelashes
  • SPECIAL TOUCH: False eyelashes with gems (from any drugstore beauty section)
  • MASCARA: Nyx Dry waterproof mascara
  • EYEBROWS: Bobbi Brown eyebrow mascara
  • LIPS: Nature Republic Eau de Shine lip gloss in shade #PK107, Sugar Pink
Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact same products. As with everything in make-up, you don’t have to have the same tools to be able to achieve the look. If you’re worried that this look is too fierce or strong for you, you can skip the eyeliner and focus on the pink and beige tones demonstrated during the first part of the video.
Be creative and have fun! Most importantly, carry the look with the same youthful charm as Hara, Nicole, Gyuri, Jiyoung and Seunghyun!

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The Victory of The Youngest Maknae

It's been a long time i have neglected this blog. I'm so sorry guys. 
There's something that i must done this months. I'm so exhausted!!! 
But i'm still trying to bring this blog to life. Kekekekeke....

Yesterday i just knew that the youngest maknae of Big Bang had launch his mini album, VVIP. And he released 2 music video, "What Can I do" and "V.V.i.P". And he did a comeback stage on Mnet Countdown last night.

"What can i do"

Mnet Countdown "comeback stage"
Personally, i think he so cute, the cutest maknae of entire kpop groups. Kekekeke.. He's just like a prince charming. In his new music video, i saw that he's definetely gained so much progress of his singing skills, and ofcourse his dancing skills is impressed many people from the very beggining of Big Bang debut. His singing skills is so much improved since his last solo album, included Strong baby. 

We have seen Seungri's and GD TOP debut for the last two months. And now, can you imagine how great that Big Bang will comeback on February?? It's gonna be HUGE !! It's gonna be AWESOME !! It's gonna be a BIG BANG VICTORY in kpop industry !! It's gonna VIP !!
They will be back !! So watch out !!
The kings is back !!
And the yellow crown is breaking all over the world !!

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I am a BlackJack

I Love 2NE1 so much.
so yess, i am a BlackJacks !! 
BlackJack is named of 2NE1 fanbase.
The girls has their own unique style and power. CL is the leader is really powerful rap, just like GD the leader of Big Bang who also really a powerful rapper.Park Bom is the main vocal who has really beautiful voices, so unique and she definetely has a high pitch. Sandara Park, wooot, she has many fanboys including artist too, she can rap, she can sing, she can dance and she's so beautiful. Minzy, this girl is a dance machine!! Really good in dancing and rapping !! 
So, this is the reason why you should be fall in love with them, because they not just has a pretty face, or sexy body with a mini skirt showing you their leg all the time, but instead they got their unique fashion style, they become a role model in korea. Just like Big Bang who has trend the fashion trend "Big Bang fashion", so does 2NE1 with their "2NE1 fashion". Each ot them is talented, and this make them really standing out between the other girl group in kpop.
Park Bom

  Sandara Park

Here's their video and you'll gonna love the girls!!
2NE1 "fire" MV
2NE1 "follow me" MV
2NE1 "clap your hand" MV
2NE1 "can't nobody" MV
2NE1 "go away" MV
2NE1 "it hurts" MV
2NE1 "don't stop the music" MV
2NE1. "lollipop ft Big Bang" MV
Park Bom "you and i" MV
Sandara Park "Kiss" MV

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