Make Up Tips for Round Faces

♥ Make Up Base ♥
The make up base plays a special role in the correction plan as it would help you highlight your best features as well as mask the disproportions of the face.In this case go for the contouring procedure that works for all face shapes including yours. The trick in this case would be to start with the foundation, besides choosing the perfect shade it is important to appeal to suitable still 2 different tones. The darker colored foundation should be applied to the side of the face, jaw line, neck and also cheeks.
On the other hand sections as: top of the cheek, forehead as well as chin should be covered with the lighter tone. With the use of a proper make up brush or sponge make sure you blend the two tones into a natural uniform look. In this case proceed the similar way with facial powders as these would act similarly to foundations and more these would crown your make up base with art.
♥ Blush
Those who have round faces often crave for defined cheekbones.. Bring out this spot with the help of brush,in this case choose the shade that best flatters your skin tonebe it peachy or rosy. This mnake up products is perfect to highlight your best features. Therefore apply this shade on your cheekbones rather than on the apple of your cheeks.
Gone are the days when this was a trend, now is the time of the cheekbones that should be covered with blush.Then proceed upwards in order to further elongate the face. Skip adopting the circular or horizontal method of application move on vertical for the desired success. 
♥ Eye Make Up
This time you'll have the chance to decide whether you want to play up the lower or the upper side of your face. Those who are proud of their kissable lips will have the chance to learn how to juggle with lipsticks and glosses. On the other hand eyes can also work fabulously therefore define them with mastery.
Light tones would probably play up the soft roundness of your face, deep and darker shades on the contrary would steal from the curves and add dimension to your figure. Brown, purple as well as berry eye shadow tones are some of the top options here. Mascara and a fine eyeliner can further lengthen the face emphasizing the angles with the winged and more prominent techniques as cat eyes and various highlighting tricks.
♥ Lips ♥
Shifting the attention to your lips is one of the ace ideas to balance the roundness of your face.Are you an incurable fan of the blood red lipstick, go ahead and sport it anytime the occasion allows it. Indeed darker shades would look fantastic if you would like to accentuate your feminine and sensual side.
Depending on the thickness of your lips use lip liners to draw the perfect shape and apply the lipstick shade that suits your skin tone . Finally and additional trick would be to stain your lips with a drop of luscious lip gloss especially in the middle of your lips to further boost the glam effect. These lips would definitely steal the attention from double chin as well as curvy features.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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