Easy Way to Make Korean Hair Bun ♥ ♥

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) is sweeping over the world. In the process, why not make yourself look fabulous with one of the most popular Korean hairstyles? That’s right, it’s the korean hair bun. This hairstyle can also be seen on celebrities, inspiring many Korean girls to imitate it. Here’s a set of step-by-step instructions to get you started, you can watch it on youtube too, there's you can found some tutorial to make korean hair bun.

What you need :

 Hair elastic
Hairspray (optional)
Bobby pins (optional)
1.  Grab your hair and hold it in a ponytail high on your head with your hand. Don`t tie it! Keep your elastic on your right hand.

2. Start twisting your hair into a bun.

3. Make sure you twist it well. It should resemble those cinnamon rolls.

4. After that, form it into a circle shape. Keep the twist in place.

5. Tie it with the elastic around your right hand.

6. Tie it around twice, and make it loose. Fix it until you are satisfied.

7. On both sides, pull out some hair (not a lot) so it looks natural.

Note: If your hair twist/bun is loose, use bobby pins to hold it. Or, alternatively, spray in a little hairspray to hold it.


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