My 2010 Moments (part 1)

Make a wish please !!
I already had my wishes on my mind and my heart, and now i only can pray to GOD to make it all my wishes happen in this new year.
Now its 31st December in Indonesia, i dont know about you in the other continent. So tonight is new year's eve. Where am i going to celebrate this new year's eve??
hmmm... I'm still thinking about it. Because there's some options that i have about the place and the show offers a spectacular new year eve.. But i think about it again, it's not me that should plan about this, my boyfriend is the one that should make a new year's eve plan and gonna surprised me. Right ?? I'm just going with the flow, where he takes me. 

Right now, i want to look back along this 2010. What i have done? What i have reach? What the good and bad things that happen to my life? And all the memories..

I got my Architecture Bachelor Degree (April 2010)
 Finally, i got my bachelor degree after almost 6 years that i spent to pursued it. Hahaha.. Am i too stupid in this? NO..it because in my faculty, there is a lot of compelx requirements that i have to complete for continuing the subjects. There is NO grade D allowed for any subjects. And like no other major of studies, in my Architecture faculty, there is a deadline and we work in schedule that have been approved by our lecturer. And if we can NOT finish our design / our paper before the deadline, so automatically we must start all over again with a NEW concept of design. The old concept and design is not indeed anymore. And the worst is if you fail in one subject, you can't move into the next level, and you should start it again but you must wait for 6 months. Because the education system in Indonesia is using a semester (6 months periods). That's why it took so long for us, the Architecture students to finish our bachelor degree. But it's all worthed, my final test got a B+ grade, in fact, there was only 5 student that got B to B+ (no one got A grade, because in my Architecture faculty, grade A is so rare !! the highest grade that you could reach is B+, i donno why too..it's like a myth or tradition). 
(i was really fat that moment, oh shame on me....)
 ( my final test design, i was design a fitness center, which combine of fitness facility, spa and leisure facility and head to toe treatments. Maybe next time i shall wrote about my design concept which is a Postmodernism Architecture that focus on Metaphor / Metaphysics concept. )

to be continue...

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Hair Routines

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumising Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
What makes these so special? Well, for one, they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Seriously...they are. The shampoo manages to clean without stripping or dryness...and condition it enough to feel soft, shiny, and not heavy. Just unreal volume that lasts through the entire day...I kid you not. Plus the scent is that perfect I-can't-stop-sniffing-my-hair scent that makes me smile everytime I get a whiff of it.

Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion
 What the ....??
yep, i love using this baby hair lotion. No kidding !! The reason why i fallin' love this baby product is BECAUSE by apply it on your skin head (not the hair) continuosly after wash your hair, it DEFINITELY will make your hair thicker !! Believe me !! I had not too much hair, and i got hair loss really bad, the only option is i must cut short my hair. I didn't want to do that ! I want to keep my hair long, so i was found the forum about how to make your hair thicker, and some peoples said by using some hair product which consists of many chemical ingredients. But there one person who said try baby hair lotion. Baby hair lotion basically would stimulate the hair growth so it would make baby's hair thicker. Yeah, you may wonders 'is it work for an adult like us?' 
the answer hell yeah..
I tried this product about 3 months ago, i applied this on my head skin (not hair) everytime after i wash my hair, its everyday. and after a week, i begin to saw many tiny little hair on the top of my head standing. Oh my GOD, it works !! And i keep using this product and right now, i had so many tiny little hair stand on my head, i'm happy.
Besides, on top of that, the fresh smell that you get from this product will stay for long time on your hair. When my boyfriend kiss me, he can smell the fresh smell from this product.

 Makarizo Hair Recovery
 Makarizo Advisor Hair recovery available in 8ml. A very small tube. You can buy it each small tube or a box contains of 6 small tubes. The price is 90 cent/tube. If you bought a box, it is cheaper. It is about $3/box.
When i was studying in college. A friend of mine recommended this magic small tube to me. I was complaining because I had dry hair and spli ends. She recommended me to buy Makarizo hair recovery to apply it every morning; especially in a semi dried hair after washing your hair. So, I decided to buy and try it. And I did not regret it! Thanks to my friend!
I apply this Makarizo hair recovery oil couple of drops every day especially when it is really sunny. Besides it nourishes your dry hair, it gives you shiny effect to your hair. It protects your hair during blow dry, and you can apply it as UV Protection. So far, I’ve been using it for 2 years and my hair just can not live it! A small tube last for a week and half to two weeks. Depends on how you apply it. I am so happy that I found a perfect vitamin to recover my damaged hair. Thanks Makarizo Hair Recovery! 

Makarizo Hair Energy
It's a hair mask, use it twice a week. Usually i choose the yellow one which consists of kiwi extract. It does make my hair smooth and smell so nice, its like bubblegum smell. Hahaha..
There's 3 variants of this hair mask as you can see above, Royal jelly, Aloe Vera and Kiwi.
Aloe vera is for a normal hair. Royal jelly is for a damaged hair. And kiwi is for a sraigthtened, curlier and colored hair.

Johnny Andrean Hair Tonic Growth and Strengthen
This is my hair tonic, i used this every nigh just before i sleep. In the instruction says, it give a perfect effects when apply it just before you sleep, because when you sleep, you would feel relax and your head and your brain would relax too, so the hair tonic would work better in that time.
usually i bought this straight from the salon itself, Johnny Andrean Hair Salon. Because this product is truly belong to Johnny Andrean Hair Salon and it was really rare to found the Johnny Andrean product in cosmetic store. What i love about this product is the effects and the scent. I have been using this for 3 months, and i felt like this product became the best partner of my zwitsal baby hair lotion. i use baby hair lotion on daytime after i wash my hair and i use this every night. They just a completed packages for me to make my hair thicker !! Because this tonic really stimulate the hair growth and gave a nutrition to my hair. And about the scent, oh yes, i definetely love this smell, so nice, it just like the smell of the salon itself. Its so familiar, because it smell like Johnny Andrean Hair Salon. Everytime i used this, i felt like i just had a hair treatment in Johnny Andrean Hair Salon. Hahaha...

JOHNNY ANDREAN Curl & Wave Styling Spray
~ Helps to create curly effects on hair
~ Creates longer, natural shines, and soft result
~ Protects hair from dryness caused by hair curling device
~ Contains Phytoprotein
I like to make a little waves on my hair, like a messy waves, so sometimes i used this styling foam to create the look.


Johnny Andrean Styling Foam Natural Hold
In case, if i didn't found the curl and wave styling spray above, because nowadays is quit rarely to found this thing. Even in the salon itself, sometimes they didn't had the product. it might be the production of the product had been stopped. So, this is my last choice, Styling Foam Natural Hold or Extra Hold. After all, i like johnny andrean's product. i love the smell. Hahaha..

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My Body Skin Care

Well, now is time to wrote about my body skin care. I had wrote about all my face skin care on some previous post, including both of the daily and the weekly routines, please check out my previous post to see about the review of my face skin care that i used. So i guess now is all body. Next time, i would write about my make up product. 
 For body care, i used a lot product from many different brand. And there's a local product/brand from Indonesia too. Maybe the local products used for my weekly routines.
The Body Shop Green Apple Bath & Shower Gel
 Let your skin blossom with this fresh and fruity cleansing gel fragranced with crisp green apple notes, for use in the bath or shower. Creates a luxurious foamy lather to leave skin feeling cleansed and gently fragranced. An old favourite from The Body Shop. I love the smell of this shower gel as sweet as apple. Oh gosh, it make me want to take a bath longer all day long, and everytime i had to bathe, i became excited, and i have to admit that this kind of shower gel which had a good smell really can be a mood booster for you if you had too much stress or feel not pleasant. 

Nivea Whitening Body Lotion
 I don’t know what will happen if I don’t use body lotian at all because my skin is so so dry. So, I alwys use body lotion to make my skin softer and not dry anymore. In my country indonesia, the climate is tropical, so the sun is always shine and it’s shine is very very hot. I always have activity in outside, so it’s effect on my skin. If the sun directly shine on my skin, it must be look darker.
So, I always use whitening body lotion to keep my skin bright and prevent the darken of the sunslight. Choose Nivea body whitening lotion as my body lotion everyday. I use it long time ago. I feel that this body lotion is fix with my skin. It’s not sticky but not too watery.
Nivea body whitening lotion contains triple whitening action which are white bioactive and double UV filters. Thats materials make skin brighter the skin, can prevent the black spot on skin and protect the skin from the sunlight so that the skin not become darker.
I use it twice and sometimes three times a day and whenever my skin fells so dry, and I feel that my skin looks brighter too especially on the dark part that usually dirictly light by the sun. Though it’s need time and need to use regularly, it doesn’t matter to me as long as the body lotion can give what I want. Nivea body whitening lotion available in 3 package which are 50 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml, and I always bought in 200 ml.

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter (For Night Used)
With 24 hour moisturisation. An intensive, creamy all-over body moisturiser. It absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin and prevent dryness. Containing Community Trade organic olive oil. Usually, i apply this body butter after bathe when evening/night. So i got my body moisturizer for daytime and night. For daytime i used Nivea Whitening Body Lotion because it content an UV protector, and for night time i used this Olive Body Butter, no UV protector so its safe. All i can say is this is truly gave your skin a moisture all night long and gave a nutrition that your skin needs. The content of this body butter is :
Organic Olive oil - Helps to condition the skin.
Shea butter - Moisturises and helps soften the skin.
Cocoa butter - Is an excellent moisturiser that melts at body temperature, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub
A moisturising, cream-based, gently exfoliating scrub that helps remove dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Contains exfoliating crushed walnut shells and crushed olive stones to help reveal brighter and smoother skin. Containing Community Trade organic olive oil. 
Organic olive oil - Helps to condition the skin.
Ground olive stones, rice granules and crushed walnut shells - Gently exfoliate the skin.
Sunflower seed oil - Moisturises and helps to soften the skin. Provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness.
 I used this body scrub once in two days. 

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter (For Office Time)
I used this when i had worked in my office. I spent almost 9 hours to worked in my office, and it felt not good when i had my skin dry because of air conditioning in office. I hate dry skin. So, i thought a must thing to do if you spent a lot of times in office and your skin got dry because of air conditioning is Brought your favorite body butter. And this is mine, i bring this everyday to office, and i apply it to my skin whenever i got a dry skin. I prefer to choose this Pink Grapefruit Body Butter than Olive Body Butter that i usually used in night time, because this smell so sweet, so good than Olive Body Butter. So everytime i apply this in my skin, everyone in my office, including my partner, my workmate, my boss, even an office boy will notice me. They all had know that this smell belong to me, it become my signature smell in the office.

 Lulur Sekar Jagat Bali, Chocolate
 This became my favorite body scrub ever !! I used this scrub everyday when i had a bath on evening/night after worked. 
Lulur Bali Sekar Jagad is a great herbal cosmetic that you can use for scrubbing your body. There’s so many Lulur there in Bali, but Lulur Bali Sekar Jagad is one of the best! It is cheap and packaged in a small round tube. One tube can be used for about three times of scrubbing.
The application of Lulur Bali Sekar Jagad is just that simple. You just have to spread it all over your dry body, left it for about five minutes to let it stick perfectly there, and then you rub it over and over until it’s fall of with your grimes. Rub it for about twenty minutes from your top to toe, and then wash it with warm water. You will feel you skin’s completely soft and smooth, and nicely fragrant!
What makes it so good? It contains a lot of Milk Protein and Olive Oil plus Coconut Oil. Skin’s food it is ;) There’s many kind of fragrance for this Lulur Bali Sekar Jagad. There’s green tea, that’s very good for shinning your skin. Also lemonade to freshen and lift your mood. But my favorite is strawberry! Is is so nice to smell your own skin after you done using this strawberry Lulur Bali Sekar Jagad. It feels like I am a strawberry yoghurt of something, with a very smooth skin.
To get Lulur Bali Sekar Jagad, you can search on the internet for Indonesian’s online store. Just type Lulur Bali Sekar Jagad on your search engine, there’ll be many of it. The range of the price is between 80 cents to $1.50. Maybe the shipping cost more. That is just why you must buy many of it with all scents and maybe you could sell it in your country.
There’s no doubt that the herbal cosmetic’s the better one for your daily use, and so as Lulur Bali Sekar Jagad! Try it and make your skin happy! :)

Oriflame Overnight Mositurizing Foot Cream
I used this foot cream evry night just before go to sleep. It makes your feet smooth and smell good. Hahahah..

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Home Remedies

Like i said on previously post before, i want to share about my routines skin care, and now all about home remedies. I had wrote about an egg facial mask and homemade lip scrub before. And now i still have some home remedies routines that i used to do weekly.

Tomatoes Mask
This is another great mask for oily skin. Tomatoes act as an astringent and are packed with Vitamin A and K which are beneficial for the skin. Take one slice of tomato and rub it all over your face until evenly coated. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. Your face should be shine free and glowing:) A tomato is nature's toner.

here's the video from youtube :

  As for my sister, who had a dry skin, she more prefer to made a cucumber mask for her face. Cucumber mask definetely not work for me.

Plain Yoghurt Mask

here's the video from youtube :

 Believe me or not, but long time ago i did used this plain yoghurt for my entire body. Hahaha.. i just applied it all over my body just before bathe time, wait for 10-15 minutes to let the plain yoghurt dried and absorbed by body skin. And then go to bath ! The result is, my body skin felt smooth and smell good like a yoghurt. 

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My Routine Skin Care (Face) continous

After the previously post, i had wrote about my daily routine skin care for my face. But that was all about Olay White Radiance Product Series that i used. Besides Olay, i do use some other skin care, most of them was a local product which means totally made by Indonesia. I do some weekly routine skin care, but i more prefer to made some home remedies from a natural ingredients than used a skin care in cosmetic store, because i thought that home remedies (DIY) was so much had many benefit to your skin. After all, thats come from natural ingredients so it doesn't had an any side effets which a bad effects to your skin.

Viva Milk Cleanserand Face Tonic Green Tea
Viva has several variants of milk cleansers and tonics geared toward different skin types, with three variants for oily skin: cucumber, lemon and averrhoa (i.e. star fruit or belimbing in Indonesian). A bottle of cleanser or face tonic cost less than Rp5,000 each, and the fact that they’ve been around forever (it seems) attest to their effectiveness. Since my skin is oily, I’ve mainly used the cucumber variant, sometimes alternating with the other variants. But lately i choose viva Green Tea, because i heard in many beauty forum (Indonesian forum) that many womens felt so statisfied with this variant better than other variants.  A generous FD Forum (FashioneseDaily Forum) member gave me a set of the Green Tea milk cleanser and tonic since she found them incompatible with her skin. It’s a welcome gift since the set wasn’t available in my local grocers at the time and I was curious to try it. A bit wary at first given my friend’s experience, I’ve been using the set now for 2 weeks.
The milk cleanser has a thick lotion consistency, similar to the cucumber variant. The ingredients listed includes Camellia Sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil, mineral oil, cetyl alcohol (nothing like rubbing alcohol since it is an emollient made from vegetable oils) and other standard ingredients such as parabens, perfumes and colorants. Green tea is known to have antioxidant properties, and tea tree antibacterial properties, so both are desirable ingredients in a skin cleanser, frequently featured in other brands as well.
As standard with other cleansers, I spread the lotion evenly over my face and remove it with a cotton square. It has a somewhat medium-strong fragrance which, to me, doesn’t resemble a ‘green tea’ smell; rather, it’s tinged with the antiseptic-type fragrance commonly associated with tea tree oil, which I neither like nor dislike. The cleanser takes off makeup, dirt and oil, leaving the face clean and not greasy. Since my skin is oily, I normally follow up with using a gentle foaming cleanser (to remove all residue), face moisturizer and eye cream. The Viva Green Tea cleanser meets all my expectations, and in the future I foresee using it regularly in rotation with my beloved Viva cucumber cleanser.
I don’t usually use face tonics after cleansing with a foam cleanser since I generally find them too drying. However, not so with the Viva Green Tea tonic. Similar with the cleanser, the tonic has green tea and tea tree extracts, and in addition also includes witch hazel distillate and hydrogenated castol oil. I put some tonic on a square of cotton and gently pat all over my face. It actually gives a pleasant cooling effect on the skin, doesn’t sting, and doesn’t leave my face feeling dry and tight after use. I’ve been using the tonic about every other day for two weeks, and am very satisfied with the result. I’ll be using the tonic regularly from now on.
After more than two weeks of using the Viva Green Tea line, my face is still its normal self, with no breakouts, drying, or increased oil activity, which makes the cleanser set a clear winner in my opinion! And at less than Rp10,000 for the set (at least 2 month’s supply), it does the job without breaking the piggy bank. As with other skincare, however, I’d suggest doing a patch test first on a small section of your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Body Shop Raspberry Lip Balm
I applied this lip balm every single night just before i went to sleep. Its a timeless beauty secret to apply a lip balm everynight before you sleep ro keep your lips smooth. I love the smell of this lipbalm, so sweet.. The Body Shop also had many variants for this lipbalm product, such anStrawberry, Passionberry, Watermelon, and Satsuma. And there's a lip butter too.

Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari and Bengkoang Mask
Mundisari Peeling made from natural plant's ingredients and original rice flour. Help to exfoliate dead cells from skins surface and accelerates skin rejuvenation process, use before masking. Bengkoang Mask has a cooling effect and lightens skin color. It also reduces black spots on the face and neck areas. I use it regularly twice a week!!

Egg Facial Mask
So here my home remedies that i usually do for once a week. An egg facial mask. I got this recipe from my favorite beauty guru on youtube, Michelle Phan. I do exactly what Michelle says on video, and its feel amazing, after doing this egg facial mask my face feel so smooth and shiny. You should try it too, no side effets. This is particularly good for oily skin. Using this facial on oily skin, you'll noticed an immediate reduction in oils. The egg white draws the oils out, while the egg yolk moisturizes. You will want to do both parts of this one if you have oily skin. This also works very well for firming the skin.

here's Michelle phan Video :

Required Things 
- Two Glasses/Small Bowls 
- 1 Egg 
- Water 
- Washcloth 
- Headband (optional)
- Get two small bowls. 
- Separate one egg into two bowls - white in one bowl, and yolk in the other. Optional: Add a few drops of lemon juice if you have oily skin. It will help eliminate oil. Don't try it if you have dry skin, however, as it will irritate the skin. 
- Spread the egg white around your face in circular upward motions while avoiding the eyes. 
- Wait 15-30 minutes. You want it to 'harden' on your face. 
- Break the egg white off of your face. 
- Spread yolk around face in the same manner as the egg white. 
- Wait 15-30 minutes. 
- Wash the egg yolk off with lukewarm water and pat dry.
- Pull your hair back and keep it away from face while doing procedure. 
- Do this at night, not in the morning. 
- Use only one egg. 
- Use a wash cloth or your hands to rinse the egg off. 
- You can also use this mask on the backs of your thighs to get rid of the appearance of cellulite. 
- It may be best to use before getting in the shower, just so you can get it off better. 
- I heard beating the egg white until frothy is better, so it goes on your skin more completely. 
- A good idea that I was given is to hold your head over a steaming pot of water with a towel draped over your head and the pot before and after using the mask. This opens up your pores before you do the mask making it more effective and then afterwords it helps your pores close more slowly so that your skin doesn't feel stiff and akward.
- Eggs may carry salmonella bacteria. Be careful not to get raw egg in your mouth, eyes, or nose, and wash well afterward. 
- This may smell a bit. 
- Your facial skin will feel tight and it will be hard to move your face while the egg white and yolk dries.
Lips Scrub Made of  Sugar, Honey and Vaseline Petroleoum Jelly
Usually i do this Lips Scrub twice a week to exfoliate my lips. Because i hate dry lips. I got this recipe also from Michelle Phan, my favorite beauty guru on youtube.  Your lips are just as gentle as your skin, so be sure to take extra care of your lips and use lip balm or lip products with SPF. Remember you don't have to use ALL ORGANIC products. Whatever you have in your kitchen should work just fine. If you don't have honey or if you are allergic to honey, use Olive Oil instead.

Here's Michelle video :

 I only need a sugar, honey and vaseline petroleoum jelly. All i have to do is just mix all the ingredients on a bowl, and then apply it to lips and scrub it.
its quite easy to make and for me, i prefer to scrub my lips using a tootbrush, because tootbrush really exfoliate the dried and dead lips skin.

to be continued..
because i still have many home remedies that i usually had for my routine skin care..
remember, using natural ingredients is soooo much better than using a product from cosmetic store, because it give your skin nutrition that really good for us.
 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My Daily Routine Skin Care (Face)

Okey guys, i want to share about my daily routine skin care for face.
I don't use such an expensive product or brand. I used some product that doesn't cost a lot of money but very effective to bgrighten and lighten and also moisturize my face so well.
In fact i do use some local product or brand from Indonesia.

Olay White Radiance Product Series
Before i decided to changed my skin care product into Olay White Radiance, i used Ponds White Beauty Product Series for almost 6 years. In beginning years, Ponds products gave me a very statisfied result, it does make my face whitter and lighter, but it also does make my face more oily than before, but i just continued use that. In last one year i didn't felt that Pond product's effects again for my face, in fact that i felt that my face looks more dull, and darker and also too oily. I hated it. I thought that the products doesn't worked for me again. And that's time to find a new product for my skin care. But its not easy to find the right product for your face. You must be careful before picking some product. And i suggest to you, that better for us to find a review about that product first by asking peoples arround you or beauty expert or the stand girl in cosmetics store. OR by googling it! kekekeke...
And my choice goes to Olay White Radiance Product Series, because i had my cousin also used this product and i saw her face looks woow, she does looks more whitter, lighter, flawless and radiance. kekekeke.. so it did tempted me. She said that the products works so well for her face, and i realized that she and i had the same type of face skin, so it might right and suitable for me too. 
And now i had been using this products from april '10 till nowadays. And its amazing, its work so well for me, makes my face smooth, flawless, whitter and not too oily like before (when i used Ponds). I'm happy. And my face is so rarely had a pimples or acnes now, i can say that since i used this product i never had an pimples or acnes and it also removed the dark spots and blackheads on nose which i had it a lot! AND it minimize my skin pores ( i had a wide skin pores before ).
For the cost, is not too expensive, but it doesn more expensive than Ponds product. But its worthed !

Olay White Radiance Protective Cream SPF 24 PA++
I tried applying the product to my face after washing. It feels greasy upon application, but the skin absorbs it well after it dries, so the greasy feeling disappears. It has a mild feminine scent, too, which I like. Now i have discovered that it is a perfect partner for my 2-way foundation because it makes it stay longer while making my face less dry because of it’s moisturizing effect. No one would actually know if the product really worked, in my opinion, unless other people mentions a noticeable change in your look. Friends told me my face looked more supple and younger, which made me happy of course! Olay White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream SPF24 contains chemical sunscreens, fragranced and doesn’t leave white cast residue.  The ingredient is slightly different from the previous one and more moisturizing than old version- UV whitening cream SPF19. No breakout, a partly physical sunblock that suits my sensitive skin. Love the radiant-matte finish and non-oily consistency. This really gave me a glowing radiance on my face. This is the best daytime cream I have used so far! It has a nice smell, moisturizes very well without feeling greasy (it's a very good makeup base), lightens my skin tone (without looking like I put on a white mask), and it has SPF 24 with a PA++.
Good points: 
extremely effective at removing skin inflamation
lightened my skin tone by a few tones overall
makes my skin look radiant
accentuated all of my best features like my cheekbones, with it's radiant glow
beautiful smell
Cheap where I get it
seems to protect my skin from other climate like wind and cold.
minimized pores

Olay White Radiance Restoring Night  Cream
  For Revitalized Fairness. It helps allow skin to quietly reveal the fairness of inner skin in 3 steps:
• Revitalizes – Vitamin B3 provides cellular energy for skin to enhance skin’s renewal process.
• Works – Olay Whitening complex (Vitamin B3, Mulberry Extracts, Vitamin C) that actively reduces spots and evens out skin tone while you sleep.
• Nourishes – Multiple vitamins and rich moisturizing mixture to efficiently achieve better texture, clarity and glowing radiance for your skin.
At first I was quite concerned whether the cream would be too heavy for my skin. To my surprise, after using it for several weeks, it’s actually less greasy than I thought, and I didn’t find myself wake up with a shiny face. The cream is easily applied evenly over the face, and it actually does what it promises to “…achieve better texture, clarity and glowing radiance…”.
After using the night cream for about a week or so, I could already see that my skin tone was brighter than before. And now I’m using it on my neck as well.
I wonder if I should also slap the cream on my arms and see if it works there too..

Olay White Radiance Foaming Cleanser

The non-glossy packaging is not novel but definitely worth appreciating. The over-all look ties the whole message of the line. Good branding, I must say. It has that fresh, clean look. Very elegant. Nevermind the cool light green they threw in. Yea, I’d prefer a different colour but they’ve got their reasons, right?
What else is there to expect from a facial wash? What will set this product apart from all the others that I’ve used and reviewed? I reckon I’ll find out soon. 
But here are a few points where I’ll be focusing on:
1. Adaptability and compatibility of the formula. At the risk of sounding technical, I do appreciate a product’s effectiveness. Will it really cleanse my skin the way it said it would? Will it perform regardless of the skin’s state? Will it be consistent? Will it clog my pores? Will it cause my skin to break out?
2. Lasting effects. I can’t help but wonder if it will simply offer a creamy facial wash experience, which will mask the true state of the skin. How long will it take till I’d feel the need to wash my face again? Is the feeling of softness only momentary? How long will the “white radiance” on my skin last?
3. Usage. Usually you can read instructions at the back in terms of usage but sometimes, you end up using more of the product in order to get the “clean” feeling. Will it be easy to rinse off?
4. Over-all experience. It’s normal to consider the effectiveness of the product, i.e. will it leave my skin soft and supple? Are there nutrients that will help achieve a healthier skin? It is, after all, the main point of buying one. But I’m also looking for convenience and practicality, i.e. is it easy to massage onto the skin? Are there side effects? Did the tube dispenser properly allow me to control the amount I’d want to use? Is it travel-friendly?
5. Value for money. Of course, I would only be able to determine this with finality when I’ve tested the product for a period of time. Will it be worth all the money I spent on it? Can it be considered affordable?
With these things in mind, I know using this product will not be your typical beauty routine. BUT I’m not going to forget to try and enjoy it all the same. I love washing my face anyway. I’m simply hoping that OLAY can add onto the already pleasant experience.

 Olay White Radiance Intensive Restoring Mask
 The Olay White Radiance Intensive Restoring Mask is an Asian exclusive product by Olay. Its a very light, gel mask that has hydrating, cooling and repairing properties which are especially good for the summer months. The instructions say that you don’t have to wash it off, just wipe off any excess product with a cotton pad. 
The good:
This mask is very light, but offers good moisture even though you don’t have to apply very much. I also feel that its a gel mask, it does give me a good cooling sensation when applied, making it extra good for after-sun or summer in general. After I use this mask, I do feel that my pores have visibly shrunk in size and my skin is smoother.
The bad:
This mask isn’t very widely available, making it hard for anyone who is not in Asia to acquire this. Also, I felt that if I didn’t wash it off and just wiped it off like the instructions said, it made my face feel a little greasy, kind of like a silicone-y feeling. I don’t know if there is silicone in here because I couldn’t find the ingredients list. One of the biggest peeves I have about this product is that packaging: its in a tub. Although I try my hardest to keep my hands clean before I dig in, its inevitable that I might get some bacteria or other stuff into the big tub of gel. I feel that with a mask with this consistency, a squeeze tube might be more appropriate and sanitary.
Because its not a sheet mask, you don’t have to worry about it falling off, dripping, or drying up. Its also convenient as you can use it as a sleeping mask as well, just apply at night and then wash off in the morning. You get a huge tub of product, 130 grams, which will last you a very long time. I also feel that because my skin is a lot smoother after using this, it would make a very good prep mask for long-lasting makeup, especially if you have a good day to prepare for a night event or something. Its also faster and more convenient than using a sheet mask even though the properties are about the same. I didn’t see any visible difference in my skin tone, even though it is a White Radiance product meaning it should have whitening properties. But that is also good because it means its more gentle and suitable for people with more sensitive skin. I would recommend this mask if you want something more gentle for your skin, but still offers the benefits of a sheet mask without the hassle.

to be continued..
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How Long Should We Keep Our Makeup?

Oil-Free Foundation: 1 year
Cream or Compact Foundation: 18 months 
Concealer: 12-18 months 
Powder: 2 years 
Blush and Bronzer: 2 years 
Cream Blush: 12-18 months 
Powder Eye shadow: 2 years 
Cream Eye shadow: 12-18 months 
Eyeliner: 2 years 
Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months 
Mascara: 3 months 
Lipstick: 2 years 
Lip liner: 2 years 
Lip gloss: 18-24 months 
Nail Color: As i heard from someone, FOREVER! :)
We should consider our BB creams as liquid foundation so we should throw it away after a year. I remember I had stored my skinfood gingko green bb cream for more than a year, and I was about to try to use it again and *poof* it smells all funky! Down the bin it goes!

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What Your Lipstick Says About You

According to Sarah Whittaker - Director of Education for Clinique Canada and Cynthia Christ - Cosmetician and former Makeup Artist for the television show Dallas, the shape of your lipstick can tell you a lot about yourself. Take the test and see what your lipstick has to tell you!

SLANT (keeps close to the original shape)
This sincere individual is somewhat reserved and a rule-follower. She dislikes attention, adores family and friends and likes a scheduled lifestyle. 
Abides by the rules
Great follower
Does not like too much attention
A little self-conscious  
Somewhat reserved
Likes a schedule
May occasionally color hair to attract attention 

This mover and shaker loves romance, glamour and attention. She's a high-spirited, outgoing gal who enjoys meeting people but is selective of friends. She knows how to make the most of opportunity when it passes her way.
Dislikes schedules
Selective of friends
Likes attention

POINT (sharp angles both sides)
Attracting admirers is no problem for this attention-seeker. This shape is a sign of elegance and good taste and this woman loves all the finer things in life. Count on her being faithful and spiritual.
Seeks attention
Big ego
Looks for easy way
Loves life
This inquisitive, restless and adventurous type makes a great detective and attracts friends easily -- probably due to her sincerity and generosity. She's torn between tranquility and adventure, and although exciting, she can also be complex and serious.
Makes a great detective
Makes friends easily
A prober

The shape reflects a straight shooter who is determined, ambitious and reliable. She dislikes superficiality, has high morals but she does tend to be a bit impatient.
To the point
High morals
Needs approval
Careful about appearances
Very dependable
Quick mind
Loves challenges
This lovable, family-oriented woman has a mind of her own and is a doer working best under pressure. She loves having people around, but tends to have a bit of a stubborn streak and exaggerate sometimes. 
A "doer"
Can give orders easily
Exaggerates sometimes
Stubborn over little things
Needs people around

Money is the name of the game and this woman manages her finances well. Add to that loving, affectionate, energetic and talkative, plus this creative type tends to be a people-pleaser. 
Loves attention
Falls in love easily
Needs schedule, but dislikes one  
This methodical, hard worker knows exactly what she wants out of life. She's even-tempered and makes a good friend because she's considerate, steady and generous. Count on her to be an animal lover, as well as a peace-maker. 
Easy going

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