Introduction to Korean Men's Fashion

Because we were on the topic of Big Bang and the South Korean entertainment industry last time, I did some image-hunting in the category of men’s fashion from the aforementioned country. (The band is actually slotted under the ‘Korean hip-hop’ genre, but I’m not getting into that because it’s essentially the same here, too. Though I do have a thing for guys in suits and skinny ties–which isn’t technically hip hop at all.)
Apparently, South Korea’s considered a huge filter for Asia through which the west flows through, and whatever is hot in Korea is usually fawned over in the rest of Asia. Even the Asian-Americans love it–their TV shows (dramas!), their bands, clothes–the list goes on. My friends certainly love (the ones who care about all things Asian, at least).
I suppose it’s because compared with the rest of the continent, South Korea’s much less stifling in terms of governmental regulation. I remember the last time I went to China, they showed a Korean movie with 50% of the contents (all the fight scenes) cut out. And let me tell you, having watched the original version, those fights scenes were mild by any standard.
Fashion’s very universal these days (mostly picked up through the west), though the S. Korea style is still distinct in its own way. The light colors are more apparent in fashion for the female half of the population, but even with the men the cuts remain clean. I notice the general trend of solid colors distinct in each layer and an air of remarked simplicity.
Keep in mind that what usually epitomizes Korean fashion is what is distilled through TV and celebrities, and not necessarily representative of the whole. That said, onto the eye-candy.

The meeting of casual and formal  is one of my favorite mixes from guy style; suit jackets are for more than court rooms, executive offices, and debate competitions.
The partially-buttoned shirt over the t-shirt (left) appears a lot - which I love;  solid scooped shirts are basic necessity: so why don't you guys own one?
The puffy vest trend; the once-rectangular and thin black-rimmed glasses have gone wide, but remain black-rimmed.
 All images courtesy of kshoppers

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