Nude Eyeliner Please !!!

Love the wide eyed open look that eyeliner gives you, but don't want to wear dark black eyeliner 24/7? 

Nude Eyeliner is the answer!!
 This is a trick that I like to use to really open up and brighten the eyes. 
You may have read about using White Eye Liner on the Water Line (The Squishy Wet Part by your Bottom Lashes). This works… but I find that it can look a little obvious.A great way to wear eyeliner and still have the natural look is to line your top lid with a coloured or black liner and the bottom waterline with white or nude liner. 
By doing this it helps create the illusion of wider & bigger eyes. This will be barely noticeable and will give your eyes a bit of a pop.
Not only does a lighter liner make eyes appear larger it can also help you to look more awake and less tired!
You can use a Nude Eye Liner for a natural look, and a Nude Shimmer Eyeliner for a little bit of pop.
♥ You can use directly on the water line to emphasize eyes.
  ♥ For a bit more oomph, use the Eye Liner right underneath the Water Line right by the bottom lashes.
♥ If you add the second step, make sure to blend the Eye Liner along your bottom lashes and use Mascara to darken your lashes.
♥ You can also just use on the inner corner of the eyes (From the Beginning of Your Eye to the Middle) and blend.
♥ This is a quick and easy trick, but I find that it makes a really big differenc.
 For added eye brightening and highlighting, apply white eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye. Lining the top and bottom lid from the inner corner of your eye out until about a half a centimeter will add some real punch to your eyes without changing your look too much. Your eyes will look brighter and you'll seem more awake and ready to go.

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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