Taeyang's Trademark Hat-Wear Style

♥ Wear your hats in a cool and stylish way like Taeyang ♥
As you maybe have already noticed, Taeyang always wear his hats in the same way. As shown in the photos, we can see the look involves wearing the hat by having the left side high up and the right front down, sometimes covering the eyes. But the latter is not recommended during everyday activities, best for photo shoots and profile pictures.
By wearing a hat this way, will bring out more angles to your face as it creates more shadows giving a more mysterious cool look. Try it out! Take some photos under different lightings, you will notice the difference. Just make sure the hat does not get in the way of your vision.

Here are some hats you maybe like from Yesstyle :

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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