SHINee's Lucifer MV is Rockin' My Day !!

To accompany their second full-length album, SHINee released their music video for “Lucifer.”

From the concept images, teaser video, and album, SHINee is maturing right before our eyes. It’s hard to imagine that these boys were once singing a love song to their nunas with their debut song “Replay.”
One thing that remains the same is their catchy songs and even catchier dance moves showcased in the video.
SHINee makes their comeback performance on July 23rd on KBS Music Bank.

SHINee’sLucifer music video has been released! The teaser photos released prior to the video didn’t say much, but the music video will have everyone picking up their jaws. These pretty boys have suddenly changed into bad boys…
Releasing a charismatic aura, the transformation has all the ladies changing their minds of the boys who once sang, “Noona, you’re so pretty.” I can guarantee SHINee will win more than a couple of awards now that we have seen the choreography to this amazing song.
Let  talk about the hair. Minho has finally decided to cut his hair and clean himself up. Taemin‘s hair seems a bit long to me, but he works it. Onew is looking very Japanese. Jonghyun‘s hair is a bit untidy and lacking structure for my liking. Key…OK, let him have that one.

 ♥ and i really love Taemin's Hairstyle ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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