Stylish With Blazer

The classic blazer is the absolute must-have basic in your wardrobe and celebrities with great sense of style will show you how to wear it!
The secret too look dazzling with blazers is indeed to match it with your features and other basic pieces of your outfit.
♥ The Night Is Young ♥ 
A grey jacket with the sleeves pushed up looks perfect when accentuated with a bolt or two of fluorescent colour; glam it up with a pair of shoulder-brushing gold rope earrings, and a silver python handbag tucked under your arm. 
♥ A Flare For Fashion ♥
It's back to the Seventies with a pair of high-waisted flares, a preppy blazer and streamlined shirt. Make sure you get the proportions right: a bag worn low across the body, and jeans that reach to the ground - even in four-inch heels. 
 ♥ Sunny Side Up ♥
 Cheer yourself up with some yellow, one of spring's chicest colours. While you're at it, why not add a dash of azure-blue, and a satsuma coloured handbag? But don't get carried away: a sober grey skirt and neutral shoe will bring the look back down to earth. 
♥ Here Come The Boys ♥
Get in on the sexy, androgynous look with a cropped blue blazer, grey trousers and flats. Add a ladylike shoulder bag and a sparkling brooch for balance. 
♥ Brighter Shade of Pale ♥
Neutrals is the modern way to go for office chic. An unstructured blazer, city shorts, and a crisp shirt sit smart with a solid heel. Add a substantial cocktail ring to show you mean business.
♥ Flower Girl ♥
Blooms were everywhere on this seasons' catwalks. How to make a print look modern? Toughen up a tea dress with a pair of warrior heels, and a colourful handbag. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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