Ulzzang Look = Perfect face

pretty right ??
  There are different types of cute around the world and while this one doesn’t particularly mean cute, the people who are ulzzangs (or uljjangs) are cute. Ulzzang is a Korean term for literally “perfect face”. It’s also a celebrity status you get after becoming popular from posting photos of yourself. Although this term is specifically for Korea, it’s also known in other Asian countries by different names. 
Example: Kawaii – Japan.
There are variations of the ulzzang look but it typically consists of big round irises, curled eyelashes and flawless skin. Easy to achieve if you have makeup but most ulzzang keep it simple because who doesn’t love natural beauty?
One of my favorite ulzzangs is Kim Namji.  She resides in Seoul, South Korea and is well known among the ulzzang community. Some say she photoshops her photos which is a big no no among the community but no one has been able to confirm it. For those who do photoshop their photos to look like an ulzzang are pretty much tarred and feathered in addition to people who steal real ulzzang photos.
So what do you think of ulzzangs?

Kim Namji
Kim namji

  Okey, now lets see the picture below that show you how the dramatic changes that ulzzang look gived.
Please noticed, i don't know who's the girl, i got thet picture from google, and please noticed the girl in picture below is the same girl !!

Before Makeup

 After Makeup

Another Ulzzang Makeup Magic

 Here the step how to achieve that ulzzang look.

 Circle lens + eyelid glue 

Apply liquid foundation  

Glue on falsies and apply mascara 

Line the lower lashline with liquid eyeliner

Apply eyeshadow
Brighten up the entire eyelid (between the brow and the eyelashes) using the white shadow.  

Apply the black shadow as seen in the pic 

give blush to the apple of cheeks

Put on some gloss  

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Well the whole eyelids glue and cakes on makeup is not ulzzang. Plus, the title ulzzang is given to you by voters in contest, it's not just a description for a look. The purpose if ulzzang to to look natural. That doesn't mean the people touched touched up their faces or photos but it means you can't make it blatantly obvious like in the pictures showed as the example. When you see pictures of current Korean ulzzangs, you will notice that they all achieve the natural even skin complexion without the flashy makeup and hair. An ulzzang us suppose to come of as a natural beauty.

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