Indonesian batik fabric that combines a variety of unique hues and beautiful

since there was copyright batik has been patented by other countries, the community again turned to batik.

Well, original works of Indonesian clothing was now a luxury boom in shopping malls, such as in Mal Kelapa Gading Mal Artha Gading Mall of Indonesia, and La Piazza. Batik is a unique collection of lovely not just for wedding dress or nightgown women. As a result, patterns and motifs offered a wide range. Most are selling batik printing more affordable than batik, batik although this type are also interested.  

Batik is attacked in a mall designed for young children who like to travel or chat with colleagues, removing tired. Arini, private bank employee, said the batiks are used not only for work. He often used it at the picnic. “The material was combined with the cool and willing to subordinate everything fits,” said the citizen’s housing Kelapa Gading. 

About four months ago, when it started to love batik Arini, he was forced to hunt in Mangga Dua. “Now here is the complete collection and funny,” he said. Jogja Self Moreover, a group of crafters specialty items Yogya, organizing exhibitions from mall to mall to 16 November. Through the exhibition, titled “De Jogja Craft Expo” is about to introduce their crafts during this year in Jakarta. Prior to the Artha Gading Mall, a two-week exhibition held at Mal Kelapa Gading.

The experience of both, not all customers are chasing a unique contemporary batik and funny. “There is also a deliberately lo for a long batik motifs, why let memorable classic and expensive,” said Santi. For this matter, the buyer usually has to understand the correct hue, value, and regional origin of Batik is produced. “They would not want batik products offered colossal,” he said.

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