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Looking for a piece of clothing to wear for all occasions? Blazer is the top choice because of it’s versatility. A blazer can adapt to all kinds of occasions whether as an evening wear or casual wear. With all kinds of blazers out there in the shops and online sure you will find some that will suit your occasions and the rest of your clothes.

Blazers have been around for many years and I’m sure you will find one or two in your wardrobe somewhere. So you guys won’t need explaining what one is. Dig out that blazer and check out the fitting, as this is an very important issue to your whole style. It can ruin your look if your blazer is too big, it will make you look like you stole your dad’s. Putting any blazer on isn’t the key, so a well fitted blazer is very important here.

How should a blazer fit? From past experience and  specialist’s advice, first you should choose a correct chest size. Make sure to measure your chest. when trying on the blazer, an easy way of finding out whether a blazer is a good fit or not with limited tools is by using your hand. Put the blazer on, button up and put you hand on your chest. A good fit should leave a gap just enough to fit your hand through. By that, the gap is when your palm is touching your chest and the top of your hand is touching the inside of the blazer. Hope you get what I mean. it’s a very small gap.

The other important issue for a well fitted blazer is where the blazer cuff should rest. The cuff would be too long if it’s resting against the back of the hand, and it should never touch the base of your palm. That would look pretty ridiculous. Get to the point? The blazer cuff should rest 1.5cm to 2cm before reaching your hand. This will allow you to show your shirt to give layering, or if it’s the casual look (with t-shirt inside) then it will allow you to show off your watch and accessories.

If you’re wearing a shirt with a blazer, then that leads us to a tricky question. How much sleeve should be shown? This is tricky because it can vary from 1cm to 4cm, which is quite some gap. But you don’t have to buy extra long sleeve shirts or wear a larger size. Should never do that. The main point is well fitted. The length of the sleeve should fit your arm properly and rest at the base of your palm. In the photos above, Jaebeom and Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon) have kindly demonstrated “the shirt and blazer look.”

So If you’re looking for a blazer, it’s important to note the above points. don’t get sucked in by certain brand names with an expensive price tag. If they fit well, then go for it. Just don’t make yourself look silly.

To blaze in the korean way, here’s a few choices of blazers from Yesstyle.com:

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