Korean's Men Stylish Casual Mindset

In Korea,  no matter where you are or what time of day it is, you could be fashionable. Casual doesn’t have to be the way most people think of it - with no flavor. 
You Guys can learn to bring their sense of style into our everyday casual wear :

♥ Layering ♥
Guys in Korea and Japan  are LAYERING MASTERS.
That it’s rare to see anybody wearing only ONE layer over there. If they are wearing a dress shirt, they will most definitely add something like a cardigan sweater, with perhaps another vest on top; and they’ll really put together a complete outfit by adding something like a fedora and a jacket.
One layer usually doesn’t cut it. Unless it’s over a hundred degrees out, get creative with your outfit. A dress shirt will look ten times better with a sweater, a vest, or a blazer over it than it would alone. Layering also has the ability to give a skinny guy extra bulk, and a heavy guy the ability to mask his not-so-flattering parts.
When properly layering, every piece should be planned to compliment each other. Your outfit should only consist of the pieces necessary to create a complete look.
Everything should be perfectly fused together so that it creates a uniquely attractive outfit - that’ll make you instantly stand out as a stylish guy.

 ♥ Accentuate ♥
If you want to easily upgrade your “casual” to “stylish casual” like these guys, follow this rule:
Have at least ONE element of your wardrobe that stands out and changes the mood of your entire outfit, e.g., a fedora, a scarf, a dress shirt, a tie, a blazer, a really cool accessory, etc.
For example, in Tokyo, they almost always wear an ACCENT color or item with every outfit, so they might wear mostly black but make sure to wear a bright red undershirt or a white belt.
In Tokyo,  currently guys are accenting with “Scarfs, fedoras, and ties. Suspenders are also really in now. Pointy shoes, loafers, boots or converse are almost standard to give any casual outfit a kick.”
So even if you’re not specifically out meeting women, try setting standards for yourself - never leave the house without some sort of accent to your wardrobe, so that when you happen to run into an attractive women, you’ll be prepared with the confidence of knowing that you look way better than the average guy out there.
Think “stylish casual.”

 ♥ Mix it up ♥
It seems the Japanese really don’t follow any fashion “rules.” They do a great job of mixing different elements that they’ve acquired, and there is a lot of personality that is shown through the way it’s put together.
After figuring what styles you like, try mixing different elements to create a look that you’re totally satisfied with.
Add your own twist to your outfit, but make sure it looks good to you.
A good way to go about it is to find out what is popular, why it’s popular, and explore what certain fashion aspects represent. Then figure out how you can hit on the right points, in your own unique way.
So for example, if you are going for the hip-hop look, find out what defines hip-hop fashion, the reasons and history behind it, and think of how you can best create your own version without going completely out of those lines.

♥  Never Settle for Less ♥
Another thing you can learned from observing fashion in Asia is to never settle to look your best every single day of your life. You want to put your best foot forward. You want to go out there and present the best of you to the world.
Sometimes you may wake up and am tempted to throw on a sweatshirt and some lame jeans…comfort wear…but you realize you're settling. A lot of Asian guys would never do this. If they’re going out, they are looking their best.
I’d rather die of thirst, than drink from the cup of mediocrity.
Take risks with style, be bold– If this means trying out a completely kickass outfit you see in a magazine that you could NEVER see yourself in…do it. Most people wear the same lame clothes that don’t even fit right because they’re scared of stepping out of their comfort zone. They are afraid of trying something new and looking like a fool. In Asia, you can saw some ridiculous failures, but most of the time, you was awestruck at the boldness, and subsequently, the GRAVITY of their unique styles.

♥  Its Always Better to Be Overdressed than Underdressed ♥
While in Asia, a lot of the guys looked way overdressed. Nonetheless, their style caught my eye. It was undeniable, and it reminded me of the fact that overdressing is one of the most organic and surefire ways of standing out. Of course, use your judgment (don’t go to company dinners in your pink suit). But if you know everyone’s going to be wearing collar shirts at a club, wear a blazer. Every time I overdressed when going out, people were strangely more open and friendly.
Did you ever have one of those days when a girl friend of yours looks dressier than usual and you find yourself strangely attracted to her (when you’ve never in the past?) You give her more attention and you’re probably more receptive. Even with strangers, you realize that when you actually look like somebody of higher value they assume such and treat you accordingly.
 ♥ Casual doesn’t = “dress down”
In the world of stylish men, the term “casual” doesn’t mean an absence of creativity or style, it means tuning your good taste in clothing to the occasion. So as a stylish lady killer, this means you look damn good, no matter what you’re doing.
Also, make sure you don’t take this article the wrong way. Try and calibrate your outfit for the occasion. You’ll look like a dork if you wear clothes that are way too nice for a normal house party, just like you would look like a fool going to a posh club in a plain t-shirt and shorts. Don’t look too try hard, but in a casual setting, add those extra elements to make your “casual” stylish. The key is to socially calibrate how much your casual wear has room to be upgraded or not. So do the best that you can, given the situation.



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