Travelling Aboard Style Tips

Tee + Jeans + Sneaks = Comfy and Casual

A graphic print T-shirt and jeans make a comfortable ensemble for action-packed days like visiting parks and traveling between cities. Denim is always reliable for long journeys when you're lugging your suitcase around, and sneakers are a stylish way to protect your feet.

For a 14-day trip, bring two T-shirts and two pairs of jeans for easy swapping. One tee should be a fitted in a solid color for easy mixing-and-matching, while the other tee can be patterned or have a graphic print to make a statement. Skinny or straight jeans are recommended because they're easy to wear and go with anything.

Alternative Combos: Tee + Jersey Skirt / Leggings + Any Shoes.  

Button-Front Shirt + Jersey Skirt + Boots = Smart Casual

The skirt-and-boots look is perfect for days when you can sacrifice functionality to look pretty such as a visit to an art museum or riverside-lunch followed by shopping maybe? The combination is also great for rainy days. Laundromats aren't always accessible (and hotel laundry service is so overpriced!) when you're on holiday so put on a skirt and sturdy boots to keep your jean cuffs clean and dry.

You're on holiday, not at work, so avoid stiff button shirts and pencil skirts that resemble office wear; a peter pan-collared shirt with a knee-length jersey skirt are perfect. The jersey fabric of the skirt is essential because it provides easy wear for all-day comfort.

For a 14-day trip, one of each piece is a good start. Opt for two skirts if you love girly styles.

Alternative Combos: Tee + Jersey Skirt + Any Shoes
Shirtdress + Jeans + Any Shoes

Shirtdress + Leggings + Ballet Flats = Attention-Grabbing Chic

This look works if you plan on being out all day because it's the most versatile. The shirtdress gives an easy, polished look and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It can easily be layered to take you from day to night in different weather conditions and suit all sorts of activities, from cramped plane rides, cycling in the countryside to shopping downtown.

Team the shirtdress with leggings if the weather turns cool; matching colored ones offer sophistication while contrast colored ones are fun and cheerful. Choose a sturdy pair of flats if you plan on doing lots of walking; a pair in solid colors like black, brown or gray will match most outfits. Don't forget to cinch the waist of the shirtdress with a wide belt for extra style.

For a 14-day trip, one of each is enough. You may want to bring extra leggings to mix up the look.

Alternative Combos: Shirtdress + Jeans + Any Shoes  

These six pieces alone have created eight unique outfits. Add that extra T-shirt and jeans from Look No. 1 and you'll have more than enough to last you two weeks!

A scarf and hat are a must, as well as outerwear. Take note of the weather when choosing whether to wear a cardigan or blazer. The blazer offers a lot of structure and does not layer easily under jackets. The serious tailoring makes it a statement piece that jumps out in every outfit - careful you don't look the same every day in every picture!

Happy Traveling! 

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