Dream Concert 2010 : Male KPop Celebrities’ Performance Outfits

Check out the performance photos of U-Kiss, F.Cuz, ZE:A, MBLAQ, C.N.Blue, BEAST, SHINee, SS501, Rain, 2PM and Super Junior below (in order of appearance onstage).

♥ U-KISS ♥
U-Kiss kicked off the main show with 뭐라고 (Mworago) and 만만하니 (Manmanhani).
While they went with monochromatic black, their shiny accessories added flair and individuality to their outfits. I’m particularly liking Soo Hyun’s zippered and studded motorcycle jacket.

♥ F.CUZ ♥
 For their performance of ‘Jiggy’ and ‘No One’, the boys of F.Cuz also stuck with the neutrals in their black jeans, black vests, and white coats with black trim. Their stylists could do better by spicing it up with more than just rips and zippers on their jeans.

♥ ZE:A ♥
Finally! Some color! Okay, just a teensy tiny bit.
ZE:A/Children of Empire changed out of their all-white red carpet outfits and into grungy, street looks. Splashes of red and plaid were added to their distressed jeans and black tops.

 ♥ MBLAQ ♥
The five disciples of Rain proved to look as stunning in suits, just like their mentor.
MBLAQ performed their new single Y, in their usual performance outfits — black and white satin suits. Simple but classy, with Lee Joon providing that satisfactory show of skin. Rain would be proud.

♥ C.N BLUE ♥
The band C.N. Blue was definitely a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one.
Instead of dance moves and ab-flashing, these boys were armed with their instruments and some serious skills at playing them. Not only that, they were the only ones who chose a light palette (shades of light blue, gray, white and khaki) for their outfits. They were a welcome stand out from the dark, tough-guy looks that night.

How’s this for a POP of color?
If BEAST’s suits were screaming red, so were their fans — screaming their lungs out that is. While I’m loving the fun prints on their white shirts, they looked too dressed-down for a big concert stage like this. The relaxed fit and the color of their pants also didn’t help with glamming up their looks. Regardless, to their fans, their beastly charisma were the only accessory they needed.

I guess SM Entertainment decided to give only one set of clothes to Shinee tonight.
Our favorite contemporary boys performed Ring Ding Dong and Noona, You’re So Pretty (Replay) in their red carpet outfits. But I’m not one to complain, I’m definitely loving Maknae Taemin’s necklace and Diva Key’s blazer!

♥ SS501 ♥

The SS501 sunbaes showed the crowd how they’ve matured as men and as a group.
Looking handsome in classic black suits, they serenaded the stadium with a ballad. Hyun Joong, as always, looked like perfection in his well-fitting suit, and the others jazzed up theirs with silver statement necklaces. However, we see that Kyu Jongs suit is not so classic after all — check out those wing-style sleeves.

♥ RAIN ♥
Now, we can’t talk of hot men in suits without mentioning the World Star, Rain / Bi.
I, for one, am thankful that he decided to ditch the motorcycle gang outfits for Hip Song and slipped back into this slick ladies’ man outfit. The man shows the younger  boys how it’s done in his three-piece suit: black trousers, blue polo, gray vest and a black jacket — all of which fit him perfectly. The paisley tie is very Chuck Bass, and Rain pulls it off effortlessly.

♥ 2PM ♥
While I voted for them as best-dressed on the red carpet, 2PM’s performance outfits were disappointing.
Sure, I get it, these are what you usually wear for Without U performances, but really? No upgrades aside from white stripes running down the inside of your pants? JYP, I know you’re busy with the Wonder Girls’ comeback, but please give these boys spicier, non-mugger-inspired outfits!

Super Junior is back with their new single, 미인아 Miinah (BONAMANA), despite being three members less. While the song is breaking sales records and winning hit charts, their Dream Concert outfits were… more of the same. Decked in all white, with cut-outs, mesh and open buttons — it looks like their stylists just recycled inspiration from their Sorry, Sorry concept and a bit of SNSD’s Run Devil Run as well.



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