Dream Concert 2010 : Female KPop Celebrities’ Performance Outfits

Each year, the ladies’ performances get fiercer and fiercer, as they start shedding their cute images and experimenting with sexier outfits and consequently teasing with more skin. I’m sure the fanboys are not complaining! Who was the fiercest of them all in last night’s ball?
Find out below as we line up the performance outfits of your favorite female KPop idols:

 The girls of Rainbow went the schoolgirl route with their song, Gossip Girl.
 However, they should have just kept the Blair Waldorf school girl look rather than trying to mix it up with the black and white stripes, because this only ended up making the concept/theme look all over the place. Their outfits were a bit blah and too casual for me. And for something as big as the Dream Concert, there’s really no room for safe dressing.

♥ F(X) ♥
 No change of outfit for our f(x) girls tonight, too!
Like SHINee, their male counterparts in the SM Family, the outfits of f(x) went straight from the red carpet to the stage, wearing amped-up red variations of their Nu ABO outfits. I am loving the girls’ unique, experimental style — you’ve got to admit, they don’t fit into the cookie-cutter styling of other girl groups who are all either: a) cute/girly b) fierce/sexy c) funky/Lady-Gaga-inspired.
Although, Amber? Plaid shorts over jenas? I don’t get it.

 The ladies of Davichi were a tad bit underdressed.
 White blazer and light denim shorts — while this outfit does look good in general — this is something you’d wear for a dinner with friends, or even to the mall. Not the Dream Concert. Note to Davichi’s stylist: that small amount of gold sequins don’t automatically make anything glamorous.

♥ T-ARA ♥
 T-ara transformed into Korea’s cheerleaders that night as they performed their World Cup song.
 The fanboys also loved it when they continued to sing Bo Peep in these outfits. While cheerleading outfits are a surefire crowdpleaser, they could have done more variations for every individual’s outfit other than the different pins and brooches they put on their skirts. Also, not a big fan of the huge “Cielo ♥ Egoist” print on their shirts.

♥ 4 MINUTE ♥
 Fresh off their first few comeback stages, 4Minute stuck to neutral tones tonight, but still managed to keep things interesting.
 I think their stylist/s pulled off a great feat: the girls’ outfits looked mismatched and unique–but similar enough to still look coordinated. Still lacking that extra wow factor though! (Although Hyuna’s fiery red hair and hot dance skills more than compensates for that!)

 And we see a re-appearance of the black and white stripes, this time on the gorgeous women of After School.
 It is very disappointing because I’ve seen versions of their drummer girl costumes which are LEAGUES better than these striped, shimmery ones. I personally would recommend their simple red-and-gold or black-and-gold ones, because these drummer outfits (and their bare navels and long legs) are stunning in themselves, and could have looked fantastic onstage.

♥ KARA ♥
First look at Kara and the word ‘mermaids’ would probably come to mind.
Okay, while these outfits may seem too gaudy and slinky for most, we have to remember that these are stage outfits. When you’ve got a huge crowd of fans, most of which can only see a dancing speck on stage–the flashier and shinier, the better. Kara made the boldest color choice that night, and that deserves some merit. Although yes, the mermaid-like material is disturbing, and they could have gone with black footwear.

Korea’s original pop princesses are back, but their Dream Concert appearance has me crying 2 Different Tears.
First, I’m crying for joy: I love seeing the Wonder Girls back in Korea! Second, I’m crying because of their outfits! Unflattering light denim + scraps of lace + neon hair add-ons? And this from the girl group who captured the hearts of the entire world in their all-out retro concept for Nobody! Who can forget those iconic colorful mod dresses and those scene-stealing flapper dresses?

Girls, you better step your fashion game up!
Girls’ Generation channeled the King of Pop again that night!
Their Michael Jackson inspired black military jackets with strong, sequined shoulders made the girls look classy and stunning. Their looks were made even more interesting and stage-appropriate with their shiny tank tops and leather knee-high boots. If you noticed, it was the perfect mix of their Run Devil Run and Oh! concepts.

The Queen of KPop is back and looking younger and fiercer than ever!
Really, who else at the age of 31 can pull off this outfit but Lee Hyori? Her military-inspired, tough chick outfit was simple, but nobody can doubt the powerful impression it made! An outfit, indeed, is only as good as how its wearer carries it. And nobody does it like Lee Hyori.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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