SHINee cranks up futuristic for ‘Lucifer’

After almost 10 months of hiatus, the shining boys of SHINee are back with a brand, spanking new concept that leaves most of our mouths hanging wide open with only one thought, ‘what happened to them?’ Well, in my opinion, I think the future SHINee decided to come out and play in this era.
The five boys are back with new hairstyles, new clothes and new songs. Though certainly, their unique sense of fashion this time round irks even the most fashion-illiterate.

 The boys, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho and Key are seen looking very futuristic with their knee-high metallic boots and their outerwear giving off a very glossy look. Their style this time round seems to be a future-kind of bad-boy look, but at the same time, it’s almost relatively quite weird to be looked at.

 SHINee’s resident fashionable diva, Key, dons on a very shocking hairstyle – one where half his hair has been shaved off. Underneath his black biker jacket, he wears nothing (too bad he’s not showing us anything) with a clear visor hanging loosely around his neck. Most fans have been shocked by this new drastic change for Key, but as sources shows, it seems that Key was the one who suggested for this new hairstyle.

 Shining leader, Onew, had been the talk of the town when his teaser photos revealed him to have a center-parting hairstyle, putting many fangirls into thinking that maybe, just maybe, Onew’s trying to pull off the classic H.O.T. look. His white vest almost blends in with his skin tone and to complete the look, Onew shows off his amazingly built arms for all.

 Flaming Charisma Minho finally flashes his rock-hard abs that he’s been keeping away from the prying eyes of fangirls for the first time ever since their debut back in 2008. With his new short crop-cut hairstyle, the feather-like headgear and the simple white jeans that he wears (while being shirtless) emphasizes on his masculinity. Minho looks like he’s set to join the cast of Peter Pan anytime soon. Maybe he could be one of the lost boys?

 While fellow member, Key, loses his hair, SHINee’s cutie pie, Taemin, actually gains hair on his head. And my oh my, no longer can you call Taemin a kid or a cutie pie anymore. The boy has grown, built his body up and is definitely looking sexier than ever. Donning on red loose jeans, with his solid knee-high boots and glossy black vest, Taemin brings sexy a whole new meaning for this era. With his arms built and his hair in a ponytail, how can anyone ever resist this boy?

 Last but definitely not the least, Jonghyun bares his sexy back for us all in his teaser photo and comes back with an elegant black collared shirt complete with a simple black outwerwear which shows us a fierce sense of elegance while at the same time, he manages to stay sexy even though he’s all covered up.

credit by : kokokoreano

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