The Beauty of Edelweiss Extract

Edelweiss extract, like many of our now favorite natural skincare ingredients, has a long and rich history. And like its other all natural counterparts, has now added a new achievement to its repertoire - being a power packed must-have ingredient in the latest anti-aging products. In the anti-aging industry there is always room for more wonder ingredients. Find out how Edelweiss extract fits into the picture.
Edelweiss extract has a long and noble history, and even its name is associated with royalty. The name of this extract, which comes from the Edelweiss flower, means “noble and white” in German. The flower was hugely popular among hikers that came across it while backpacking in parts of the Alps - so much so, that the flower nearly became extinct. Luckily, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland came together in an effort to protect the flower and its habitat and the Edelweiss flower has been safe ever since. Even a song and play has been written about the flower. And its noted benefits for both health and beauty are again putting this special flower and its extract into the limelight.
Health-wise, ancient civilizations have turned to Edelweiss extract to cure common ailments such as dysentery and diarrhea, as well as tuberculosis and diphtheria. Many people add a few drops of Edelweiss extract into a cup of hot milk, mixed with honey. While using Edelweiss extract for physical ailments is all well and good, the anti-aging industry is targeting the extract for other purposes - to turn back the hands of time and eliminate the signs of aging. Researchers have discovered that Edelweiss extract contains huge amount of potent antioxidants as well as anti-microbial (kills bacteria and fungi) and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, Edelweiss extract also has excellent cell protection properties that allow it to promote healthy skin cells and maintain a fresh and youthful complexion while effectively destroying harmful free radicals.
If you want to find skincare products that contain Edelweiss extract you can look online for a number of products. To take care of your body from head to toe, there is special soap made from Edelweiss extract, which is ideal for those with sensitive skin types. This type of soap is formulated to cleanse and protect the skin and is made using natural ingredients. Need some major anti-aging action for your complexion? Then you’ll want to look into lotions, face creams, moisturizers, or anti-wrinkle creams that contain Edelweiss extract, which can help strengthen the blood vessel walls. Your whole family can even enjoy the sun by using a sun care product, such as sunscreen, that contains Edelweiss extract, since it also has the ability to ward off UV rays. It seems that there is nothing this historically noble and popular extract can’t do. 

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