Something Special about Korean Fashion / Korean CLothing (PART II)

# Harem Pants
Many of you might be familiar with harem pants. These are baggy pants that are tapered (really narrow) at the ankle with side flaps on the hip. In a way, harem pants is like a cross between skirt and skinny jeans. The crotch area resembles that of a skirt’s because it is baggy and loose whereas the calf area resembles those of skinnies because it’s fitted till the ankles. We see a lot of harem pants in Korean clothing as well and not everyone can carry them well due to the nature of the pants.
 Small baggy. A tamed version of harem pants for those who want to look trendy but not too over.
Medium baggy (usual). The typical modern harem pants designed to look fashionable, with reasonable baggy-ness at the crotch area.
 Extreme baggy. For the fashion daredevil - Harem pants that are extremely baggy at the crotch area, similar to traditional design of harem pants.
# Sheath Dress
When one hears the word sheath dress, one famous name might come to mind – Audrey Hepburn.
Sheath dress is a type of dress that is designed to show off those womanly curves as it hugs the body tightly. The main feature of sheath dress is to show off your curves hence there is usually little designs to divert attention. Sheath dress typically falls around the knees or lower thighs and can be strapped or strapless but the modern version can end off above the knee and include sleeves or thicker shoulder straps.
  Sheath dresses usually have little or no details as the limelight is supposed to be on the figure.
 Sheath dress with zipper details, round neck collar and 3/4 sleeves. Sheath dress are usually in black these days for the fashion-shy as sheath dresses are figure-hugging and black is the perfect colour to hide flaws.
 Another simple sheath dress with long sleeves that are puffed at the shoulder. Sheath dresses are usually worn on their own but sometimes a well cut, fitting jacket complements it further.

# The Office Lady Look
OL or office lady typically refers to a female office worker doing secretarial or clerical work. The OL look involves shirt-dresses, formal looking vests and pants though the modern OL look have taken a more sexy look instead. Korean fashion has also incorporated this into their design to suit the modern, confident young lady.
In creating the OL look, besides shirts and blouses, a well cut vest is a must.
 Besides vest, jackets are also layered on. Jackets can be long-sleeved like blazers or short sleeve like this capsleeve jacket paired with a slim waist belt.
 The OL look can also take on a more exaggerating look with long coats (lengthened blazers) that can be worn as dresses to give the very smart and formal look.



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