Makeup For Asians

Struggling to find the best brand of makeup or way of applying it? 
Here’s a complete list of dos and don’ts for Asians… makeup-wise.
DON’T ♥ 
• Wear too much eyeliner •
• Have too much blue/green eyeshadow •
• Choose an eyeshadow color that’s too dark •
• Wear false eyelashes that look too long and fake •
• Attempt to change the lightness or darkness of your skin tone with a completely different shade of foundation. It will end up looking like a mask •
• Use a heap of glittery eyeshadow •
• Use tester lipsticks straight onto your lips. It’s unhygienic. Smudge some onto your fingers before applying •

• Look out for foundation that has yellow undertones •
• Test your foundation on your jawline first •
• Use lots of sky blue. Asian skin loves that color! •
• Store lipstick and perfume in the refrigerator. It’ll last longer •
• Outline your lips in pencil before you apply lipstick or gloss if you don’t want your lipstick to feather •
• Always, ALWAYS wash off your makeup before bed •

Develop a signature scent!
It’s nice to have a smell people can recognize you with. But don’t just pull out any old perfume. A signature scent takes time to discover. Choose a scent that’s uniquely you and something you actually like. 
Here are some great ideas:
(in no particular order)
 Lovely – Sarah Jessica Parker
Touch of Pink – Lacoste
Baby Doll (Paris) – Yves Saint Laurent
Red Door – Elizabeth Arden
Chanel No. 5 – Coco Chanel
Pink Sugar – Aquolina
Acqua Di Gio – Giorgio Armani
DKNY Be Delicious – Donna Karan New York
Juicy Couture – Juicy Couture
Cool Water – Davidoff



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