Observe SNSD (GIRLS GENERATION) Look on "Run Devil Run" MV

The SNSD girls have been producing the video for the highly anticipated single Run, Devil Run for some time now and it is definately worth the wait. We see SNSD switch between a dark dramatic hooded black look and a cleaner smarter white military look.
With shots of the girls in their induvidual styles in between the two main ‘looks’.
But first enjoy the amazing video:

Look 1: Black Sequin hooded top, studded wide belt, hot pants and leggings
Look 2: White Military Look, White miliatry  jacket and tight white trousers
Look 3: Skinny loose fit leather jacket teamed with pop art bold loose t-shirt
Look 4: Tight fit blazer with sequin top
Look 5: Padded shoulders short biker jacket
Look 6: Snsd leather blazer with bold pop art t-shirt
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