Something Special about Korean Fashion / Korean CLothing (PART I)

The latest buzzword in the fashion industry is ‘korean fashion or ‘korean clothing’. What’s all the hoo-haa about Korean clothing you might wonder. Is it that Korean textiles are so great that the clothes made from them are like some heavenly seamless clothing? And no, we’re not Korean traditional costumes in case you’re wondering. We’re talking about modern Korean clothing designed by korean designers in this modern era.
Please do not have the misconception that Korean fashion is all about long sleeve clothing and long skirts or dresses because of the stereotypical images of Korean women being portrayed in Dae Jang Geum. Korean women have since evolved to be confident and smart ladies in this modern era.
In an attempt to define and de-mystify Korean fashion, this post will zoom in on Korean clothing (ladies fashion, sorry to disappoint you, guys) and what makes them so special.

Korean clothing trend #1 —  loose fitting
‘loose-fitting’ garments are the most common feature of Korean fashion but of course Korean designers do not design Korean clothing such that it’s totally loose-fit and makes one look like a pumpkin, somewhere along the look they will streamline it nicely or have some ‘tight-fitting’ designs. 
 Typical way of wearing a loose fit top - pair it with leggings, skinnies or slim cut bottoms.

A non-typical style of loose fit clothing. A loose fit jacket with skinny sleeves such that the jacket has a puffed sleeve effect.

 Korean clothing trend #2 — All things Asymmetrical
It seems that Korean designers have a knack for the weird and quirky and likes to inject some asymmetrical designs into their clothing.

  Korean dress with asymmetrical hem which creates an illusion and helps to elongate your body.
 A very special top with lots of asymmetrical detailing. The sleeves are uneven to begin with and the hems are disproportionate.

Korean clothing trend #3 — You just can’t go wrong with laces
Somehow the Korea-Japan peninsula has a penchant for lace. Like Japanese clothing, Korean clothing comes with lots of lace too. Lace is no longer meant just for lingerie or for older women. It is now a new fashion statement with younger ladies as lace comes in all kind of colours, patterns and texture these days. What’s more, because lace is semi-sheer, it has created a whole new dimension by being layered with colourful lining or getting lustre when paired with shiny fabrics.
 You can choose to go full-fledged lace like in this Korean dress (set of 2). It consists of a lace long sleeve top and the inner piece is sleeveless. Not to forget, if you want to go lace-y full-fledged, pair it with a tulle skirt.
 Lace is the in-thing now. Due to its semi-sheer property, it is often paired with similar or contrasting colour linings to create interesting layering effects.
 Lace is not only found on Korean dresses and tops but on skirts too. This skirt has lace patterns on its hem (lace being much longer than the inner lining) and looks great when paired with a patterned sheer white stockings giving an overall dainty outlook.
 there is also a lace legging

to be continued .....


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