B.B. Cream: What It Is and How To Use It

I only heard about B.B. Cream a few months ago, and there are still a lot of people that have never heard of it. B.B. Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream.
I would consider B.B. Cream being similar to a thick Tinted Moisturizer.

General BB Cream characteristics:
• Natural glow on your face without makeup look
• Provides perfect coverage just like a foundation but without clogging pores or damaging the skin
• Conceals all types of pigmentation, discoloration, acne and marks
• Healing properties which soften, smoothen and refine skin
• Encourages skin regeneration to create and maintain youthful skin
• UV Protection for healthy skin
• Some BB creams have additional features such as wrinkle improvement, whitening functions etc.

B.B. Cream usually comes in one color.
This is fine if you are have a very similar skin tone to the B.B. Cream.
However, there are many people (Asian or not) that are not the same exact color~ Yet, there are hundreds of Koreans that use this one color!
People say “B.B. Cream adjusts to your skin tone”….. I disagree.
If you look at pictures of people that use B.B. Cream, I find that their face looks a different color than their neck.  I am not a fan of this look.

So… if you have a tube of B.B. Cream that is not the right color for your face, here are a few things you can do so you don’t end up throwing out a perfectly good tube of makeup.

* Mix B.B. Cream with a little bit of darker Liquid Foundation *
If your tube of B.B. cream is making you look much paler than you would like, mix a few drops of darker Liquid Foundation and until you find a better shade for your skin tone.

* Dust face with a darker shade of Powder/Bronzer on top of B.B. Cream *
If you don’t have liquid foundation, you can also put a little bit of darker powder or bronzer on top of your makeup.  If you don’t want to dust all over your face, Brush a slightly darker shade of powder on your T-Zone (Across your forehead, down your nose and chin) and on your cheekbones.

* Use B.B. Cream as a Concealer *
If your B.B. Cream is too light, you can use it as a concealer to hide imperfections before using a tinted moisturizer or foundation. Another place to use the B.B. Cream is on the sides of the nose (as most people have a little bit of redness there)

* Use B.B. Cream as a Highlighter *
This is my favorite way to use B.B. Cream
Because it is so light, you can use it to create depth to your face and give you a “glowing” look.
You can use as a High lighter in one or all of the following places (But use very sparingly~ B.B. Cream can have a thicker consistency) : Under your eyes/ On top of the Cheekbones, Down the bridge of your nose, Above your eyebrows, Right underneath your eyebrows on the brow bone.

So, if you have a tube of B.B. Cream that doesn’t work for you, I hope these few tips will help you put that cream to good use.
And please… try to make sure the color on your face matches the color on your neck!

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