The Importance of Your Eyebrows !!

There are so many women that don’t know the importance of eyebrows.  Eyebrows brings attention to the eyes and help to frame the face.  They can change your look- From Natural, to sophisticated, to dramatic.  Eyebrows are a quick and easy way to give yourself a new look.

For you Eyebrow Virgins that have never plucked or waxed your eyebrows, I suggest getting them professionally waxed or threaded. (Find places that are highly recommended… Do your research. You don’t want to have someone mess up your eyebrows. Tell them you want a natural look).

For you over-pluckers, I suggest putting away your tweezers and letting your eyebrows grow in. While you’re growing them in, you can pluck the stray hairs growing in way below your eybrow so that it looks clean.
If you’ve been plucking for years, there are eyebrow serums that help your eyebrows grow in faster. While you’re waiting for your eyebrows to grow in, you can draw them in.

When drawing in your eyebrows, I like to use a light taupe/ brown eye shadow (Depending on your hair color). You can also use eyeliners/ eyebrow pencils if you’re more comfortable, but I feel that using the eyeshadow and a brow brush gives a much more natural look.
* When drawing in your eyebrows, make sure you start with a much lighter color than you would expect. If the color is too dark, your eyebrows can look strange and fake. *
There are also eyebrow kits that contain stencils. If you find this to be easier, they can be very useful and you can create many different looks.

Always start light and you can fill in the rest on your own.  When filling in brows, always draw in short, light strokes, so it looks like hair.
So ladies, whether you have too much hair on your eyebrows, or too little hair on your eyebrows, please get those babies cleaned up!  It only takes a little effort, but makes such a big difference!

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