5 Amazing Mini - Makeovers

Makeovers are a woman’s dream come true but for most of us, we don’t have the time, energy, or funds to pull off a complete makeover. However, you can still experience a positive beauty change with a mini makeover. The beauty of the mini makeover is that you don’t have to completely change your look and with the right mini makeover, you can revamp your style and look with little to no effort. 

Even though makeovers can be fun, sometimes you don’t necessarily need to change everything about your look. If you’re interested in switching things up but don’t want to commit to a complete redo in your look, then you can turn to a mini makeover. Getting a mini makeover can be done at your local salon by a professional stylist or in your own home. Depending on what you want to makeover, a mini makeover will add just the touch of change you crave without sacrificing your entire look for something different and unfamiliar. 


Is your complexion looking dull, even when you apply your foundation and the rest of your makeup? Then you may want to do a mini makeover for your makeup by adding highlighter to your complexion. This is a great way to brighten up any face, regardless of your skin tone. Highlighter products are ideal for bringing shine to your face, but in a good way. Additionally, it also has the ability to define your face’s bone structure. Using highlighter is great for those that use matte foundation. Simply add your highlighter to your base foundation and use a large, rounded makeup brush to focus your new color to your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Your face will be glowing and ready for a new day!  


Need a way to bring out the best in your lifeless hair? For those that chemically treat their hair or suffer from too many dye jobs, keeping your hair soft, healthy, shiny and manageable can be a challenge. In this case, you’ll want to check out a mini makeover that involves a conditioning mask and keeping your locks uniformly colored. You may be surprised by how great your hair will look when it’s just one nice, rich shade of color. It can be just the change you need from tresses that are usually different shades of highlights and lowlights. You can make an appointment at your favorite salon or search online for your own homemade conditioning mask to try at home. 


If you always sport the same makeup look, you can easily achieve a mini makeover by changing things up a bit. For example, if you always wear darker eye shadow, which can be too dramatic for daytime wear, trade in your darker shades for lighter hues, which can make all the difference in your face. To add a bit more drama without going overboard, opt for a light, metallic shade.  


Tired of dealing with your bangs? Then push them aside! One mini makeover that takes care of the same old hairstyle is to style your tresses as usual and keep your bangs off your face. This can be accomplished by pinning them to the side or sweeping them up and clipping them back (if your bangs are long enough).  


Create a fresh face by going nude - on the lip color, that is. Instead of sporting the usual reds, plums, browns, and other shades, opt for a sexy and sleek nude color. Add a touch of sheer gloss and your face alone will be enough to stand out of the crowd.  

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