VIP and BlackJack are My Other Name !!

Last night, i was watched 2010 Style Icon Award live from Seoul, Korea, that aired on Star World channel. The show was amazing, and the K-star that attended the show was really charming.
Even though, i didn't really like the translator who translating what the korean host says into english was made me so confused. kekeke... 

I thought the show main attention was belong to 2NE1, that walked on red carpet with Jeremy Scott. And yeah, all the outfit that weared by 2NE1 was designed by Jeremy Scott.  I really thought that 2NE1 was becoming Jeremy Scott new baby girl.. He loves the girls..
And they won!! 2NE1 got "the style icon award for female singer"
I knew it!! and the award was presented by Jeremy Scott.. Such an honour!!
"the style icon award for male singer" is presented to 2PM. 

As the winner, both of 2NE1 and 2PM performed on the stage.
2NE1 performed "can't nobody", and the crowded just like wooooaahhh... watched them on stage, really made me happy, because i'm a Blackjack. Their performances was absolutely rocks the show last night, full of energetic, charismatic and offcourse the outstanding outfits that they always weared. It's so authentic!! It's so BlackJack!!
I'm proud of the girls. Blackjack are really proud of them.

And what make the show last night so amazing is...
T.O.P won the syle icon award for movie actor!!!
Yess, I'm a VIP!! and i fallin' love with T.O.P sinces their first debut!!
I do love GDragon, Taeyang, SeungRi and Daesung.
But T.O.P is always be my favorite!! 
And i saw T.O.P when he received the award and give a very short speech, he was look different, but in a good way. T.O.P was looks so young and fresh. But he was looks handsome and manly like he used to be. T.O.P is becoming more and more handsome, stylish and manly every single days. He got "the killer look" with his charismatic eyes, combines with his charming smile can made your heart melting. kekekeke...

I've planned to post about the style icon award last night, and offcourse focused on 2NE1 and T.O.P. So, just wait and see..
I love them. I'm so proud of them.
Because i am VIPs and BlackJacks !!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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