Bunny Ears !!

I used lace in this tutorial because I sewed it by hand. It’s quite forgiving since it hides the stitches and doesn’t fray. If you have a sewing machine, the sky is the limit: thin denim or cotton will do (gingham or polka dots would be really cute!). I don’t recommend satin polyester or chiffon: satin is hard to manipulate and chiffon makes the wire highly visible. Come fall, experiment with thicker knits and jersey fabrics!

Choose a gauge (thickness) that you find is both soft and easy to bend to manipulate into shapes. I am uncertain about the gauge of the wire I purchased but just make sure to get one sturdy enough to support the knot when sandwiched in between the fabric. Available in most hardware, craft and jewelry supply stores.

 Thread, needle, pins, fabric scissors, measuring tape…
*Any other miscellaneous decorative bits you may want to embellish your scarf with (optional)

Fold the fabric in half and pin to secure. You will be cutting on the fold. My finished piece came out to be 40′ in length and 1.75′ wide (adjust according to your own head)
1. With a 1/2′ seam allowance, measure out the width and length on the piece of fabric along the folded edge. It should be around 4′ in width and 41′ length (includes seam allowance). Pin to mark out the strip.

2. Cut out the piece and unpin. Now your strip should be twice as long. With right sides together (ugly side facing you!), fold the strip lengthwise and pin loosely. Ironing the strip once folded will help control the fabric for more precision for the next step.

 3. Sew the length of the sash closed leaving both ends open. You’ll end up with a tube.

4. Using your fingers, flip the tube inside out so that the right side of the fabric is now showing.
5. Now for the wire: measure the length of your sash and add about 2′ extra to get the length of wire you need to cut.

6. Loop both ends of the wire around your index finger to prevent snagging the fabric. Use pliers if necessary.
7. Put the wire through the fabric tube and sew down the loops lightly to prevent the wire from moving around inside.

 8. Finally, close the open ends by sewing them shut and you’re done!

 A few styling tips: wear it in your hair or as a neck scarf. Tie it around a straw hat to give it a different look or replace a bracelet by knotting on your wrist. Add a vintage touch to a leather purse by tying it around the strap!


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