4 Seasons to Dress Up CNBLUE’s Style

Winter – Jung Yonghwa
Winter may be cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to go around looking like the Michelin mascot! The key to keeping it cool while remaining toasty warm is layers. Try out Jung Yong Hwa’s style with a Black Round Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt for comfort, topped off with a Plaid Hooded Zip Jacket. Add a pair of Black Skinny Jeans and Faux-Leather Combat Boots for that “I don’t have to try hard to look good” vibe. And let’s not forget the finishing touch- a Knit Scarf is not only a must during cold weather but also a great key piece accessory. Remember, there is no point in being stylish if you are looking like death warmed over, so keep warm and stay healthy!
Spring – Lee Jong Hyun
Spring is that time of the year when the temperature is somewhere between chilly and warm. Sometimes you want to run around in a tee, and at other times, wrap yourself up good and tight against the wind. Like Lee Jong Hyun, it’s best to wear an outfit that is versatile to the ever-changing weather, so you can add layers when its cold, and remove them when its not. Start with your basic T-Shirt + Jeans combo, and keep a One-Button Blazer around to dress up your outfit as well as fend off the cold. A pair of combat Lace-Up Boots to keep your toes dry against April showers, a Long Necklace to spice up your get up and you’re good to go!

Summer -Kang Minhyuk
Who doesn’t think of the beach when thinking about summer? Whether it be for some fun in the sun, or a romantic stroll during sunset, you can dress summer- and beach-appropriate without resorting to swimwear or the tried  and old tee-and shorts style. Try a casual and preppy look with a Short Sleeve Polo T-shirt and Cotton Shorts with Lace-Up Loafers and a Roseman Vest for a date appropriate and water-splashable outfit. Accessorize with a Tatauga Studio Tie and Sleek Leather Bangle and you’re all set for the summer no matter where you are!

Autumn / Fall – Lee Jungshin

Similar to spring, autumn plays between warm and chilly tones.  Experiment with layering for that fall billowy effect like Jungshin. A black Drape Front T-Shirt and deepstyle Skinny Jeans give you a model silhouette, and a Wide Collar Long Vest goes with this year’s trend. To complete the attire, add some sparkly with an Embossed Bangle and Stainless Steel Water Resistant Watch. Show off a cool rock style feeling this fall, or perhaps for Halloween?


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