Sandara Park’s Feisty Make-up Look in ‘Clap Your Hands’ [TUTORIAL]

In their Clap Your Hands music video, Dara steps up the ferocity by going for heavy eyeliner and fire-engine red lipstick. 
A YouTube make-up guru gives us a fantastic guide to looking like our favorite 4D girl:

That's not Dara on the left, she is Jen, You Tube make up guru.
 here's the video :

While Jen uses a whole plethora of products, I’ve narrowed the list down to the most essential tools you will be needing for this look! You probably own most of these (if not, they’re all basic items you should invest in):
  • BB Cream (or foundation, if you prefer that)
  • Pressed powder
  • Natural eyeshadow palette
  • Strong black eyeliner (both pencil and liquid for the best effect)
  • False lashes and/or heavy-duty mascara
  • Bronzing powder
  • Fierce red lipstick


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