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Inspired by Lee MinHo looks in Personal Taste.

Lee Min Ho plays architect Jeon Jin Ho in the Korean drama Personal Taste, which explains his impeccable taste for sophisticated style. Professionally, he is the CEO of his own architecture firm – quite a feat for a 30 year-old (but this a K-drama, dear) – and puts forward a proposal to compete for the design of a unique art gallery that showcases outstanding art work. Personally, his character is extremely particular and perhaps peculiar: meticulous attention to detail, extremely polite, insists on using formal speech to maintain distance, and in the first 15 minutes of the first episode, is mistaken as being interested in men. All of these qualities carry through in his cropped pants, neat espadrilles and sharply tailored blazers that have a subtle twist in design. His style is distinctly sophisticated and classically European with a modern twist, making it perfect for a girl at the office.

Jeon Jin Ho’s Style in a Nutshell
If you’ve watched the drama, you’ll notice that ankle-length pants and espadrilles are his signature style, and appear in every outfit he’s worn. His style overall is distinctly minimalist, and can be neatly summed up in three words: lean, neutral and detailed. The silhouette in all his outfits is decidedly lean – the pants are always tapered and shirts are always fitted with no draping. The color palette is definitely neutral (beige or pastel tones of spring or fall), so put your bright items back on the hanger for this look. Every look is set apart by the detailing; it’s the subtle things that make you take a second look at him. Select jackets that have a twist in their designs or add an accessory or two (no more!) for a fresh spin.

Now Put That Into Your Office Outfit! 
Just remember the keywords – lean, neutral and detailed and you’ll work a great sophisticated outfit in the office. Here are a few items to get your started.

On Him: Ankle-Length Pants and Espadrilles
On You: Skinny Pants and Heels

The slim-fit ankle-length pants are an essential in recreating his look. Pants that are fitted at the crotch and tapered at the legs work fine; roll up the cuffs slightly if the pants are too long. Ankle-length pants aren’t for everyone though, so feel free to swap them with leggings or skinny pants, which look great because they follow the natural shape of your legs. If espadrilles are too casual for the work place, swap them with jeweled ballet flats, a pointed kitten heel, or sky-high stilettos depending on your mood. Go easy on the platform front when choosing heels to keep your style more minimal and less glamorous. Just remember: no socks!

On Him: Tee and Blazer
On You: Top and Boyfriend Blazer

What you’ll see Jeon Jin Ho wearing in most scenes. In the office and at meetings with the revered Art Director, he has on a refined blazer, be it full of detailed paneling, avant-garde construction or just a simple pastel blue. Translate this as a boyfriend blazer for your look, making sure to adopt the same minimal colors or with details like a shawl collar, paneling or contrast trim. If you’re daring, add a vest underneath the blazer for extra cool (like he does in the scene where he’s talking to Yoon Eun Hye). Jeon Jin Ho has to slip on a tee to keep the look basic, but there are more dressy options for women at work like a subtly embellished top or a sleeveless chiffon blouse. For days you need to look extra chic at work, style a hip-length blazer with a pair of skinny trousers for the same sophisticated effect.

 On Him: Tee and Cardigan
On You: Tee and Boyfriend Cardigan

If you pay attention, you’ll see that the show’s fashion stylist has used the blazer and cardigan to subtly separate Jeon Jin Ho’s casual and at-home outfits while maintaining that sophisticated style. Cardigans (and dress-shirts) don’t carry the same austerity as blazers do, and the soft structure makes it less formal. Style your outfit with a long boyfriend cardigan to keep your silhouette lean and your style modern. The boyfriend cardigan is long enough to allow for a tee underneath so you can skip the old-school camisole and cardigan look.

 On Him: Fitted Dress-Shirt
On You: Fitted Dress-Shirt

Unlike with other styles, you’ll want to make a direct translation for this piece. Rather than opting for boyfriend styles, like a long or voluminous shirtdress, opt for a regular shirt and wear it tucked into those cigarette pants when paired with heels, or shirt-tails out for a more relaxed look. If you’re not tucking the shirt in, make sure it’s still hip-length or above to keep your look neat, not sloppy.

 On Him: Cross-Body Bag
On You: Whatever Suits You

A bag is a personal statement, so while you want to be inspired by his style, you don’t want to copy it completely. A patent faux-leather shoulder bag, cross-body business bag or cross-body petite purse all look good with the outfits, so just find the one you’re most comfortable carrying (and fits all you need for the office).

 Now you’re all set for K-drama star style in the office!

image by : YESSTYLE


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