2NE1 - It Hurts MV - Looks

Park Sisters wore the lovely Christopher Kane’s F/W 2010 Collection floral lace dresses in the Official MV.

Park Bom


While Bommie wore the dress as it appeared in the catwalk, Dara chose to put a little twist to her approach, she went for Lace and a more fitting skirt to complement and be unified with not only Bom’s outfit but also with Minzy’s and CL’s so she went for a more bad-ass looking skirt and belt also by Christopher Kane.

As we’ve all noticed,aside from all the lace and translucent pattern  by Christopher Kane, there’s also a lot of fur or hair going on in the ‘It Hurts’ Official MV. That’s thanks to Chanel, specifically Karl Lagerfeld’s Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. Yep! It belongs to the same season of GDragon’s coat in the recent Chanel Winter Party.

And so are their accessories! That’s CL’s bracelet (which Minzy also wore..see first picture) & Minzy’s necklace!

credit by : 21Bangs


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