GTOP Wears Louboutin Sneakers - MAMA 2010

With the two hottest rappers in KPOP forming a duo this December, G Dragon and TOP alongside Taeyang showed everyone in MAMA with their stellar and jawdropping performance that BIG BANG is the most anticipated comeback in 2011! With their natural swagger and charisma, the duo pumped the audience up and put on a magnificent show. As they are very much known for their talent, GTOP is also recognized for their fashion sense. They have been seen wearing Christian Louboutin shoes for many times now and they wore another in this year’s MAMA stage. With their stylish suits, the two fashionista and rappers of Big Bang showed no one can where Christian Louboutin sneakers like they do.!

Christian Louboutin Louis Jeweled Sneaker
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