Silvered Hair - T.O.P - Become Hotter and Hotter !!!

BIGBANG member, Choi Seung Hyeon (T.O.P) has become a hot topic among netizens because of his unique silver hair. Choi Seung Hyeon, who was nominated for Best Male Newcomer for his role in Into the Fire, attended the 31st Blue Dragon Awards Film Awards ceremony with a new hairstyle. 
Actually, i really like his new look with silver hair. He looks hotter !!
And he win 'the best male new comer award' - 31st Blue Dragon Awards Film Awards.

here's the video :

And he was wear GUCCI suit.

Silvered hair - T.O.P

Netizens have been comparing Choi Seung Hyeon's new hairstyle with various cartoon characters like Street Fighter's Guile and Slam Dunk's Miyagi Ryota. His hair has also been compared to "grass head" puppets.

Many are showing interest on what could be the reason for this change. One netizen commented that T.O.P changed his hairstyle for his duet with G Dragon.

credit by : 21Bangs and BigBangUpdates


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