My Daily Routine Skin Care (Face)

Okey guys, i want to share about my daily routine skin care for face.
I don't use such an expensive product or brand. I used some product that doesn't cost a lot of money but very effective to bgrighten and lighten and also moisturize my face so well.
In fact i do use some local product or brand from Indonesia.

Olay White Radiance Product Series
Before i decided to changed my skin care product into Olay White Radiance, i used Ponds White Beauty Product Series for almost 6 years. In beginning years, Ponds products gave me a very statisfied result, it does make my face whitter and lighter, but it also does make my face more oily than before, but i just continued use that. In last one year i didn't felt that Pond product's effects again for my face, in fact that i felt that my face looks more dull, and darker and also too oily. I hated it. I thought that the products doesn't worked for me again. And that's time to find a new product for my skin care. But its not easy to find the right product for your face. You must be careful before picking some product. And i suggest to you, that better for us to find a review about that product first by asking peoples arround you or beauty expert or the stand girl in cosmetics store. OR by googling it! kekekeke...
And my choice goes to Olay White Radiance Product Series, because i had my cousin also used this product and i saw her face looks woow, she does looks more whitter, lighter, flawless and radiance. kekekeke.. so it did tempted me. She said that the products works so well for her face, and i realized that she and i had the same type of face skin, so it might right and suitable for me too. 
And now i had been using this products from april '10 till nowadays. And its amazing, its work so well for me, makes my face smooth, flawless, whitter and not too oily like before (when i used Ponds). I'm happy. And my face is so rarely had a pimples or acnes now, i can say that since i used this product i never had an pimples or acnes and it also removed the dark spots and blackheads on nose which i had it a lot! AND it minimize my skin pores ( i had a wide skin pores before ).
For the cost, is not too expensive, but it doesn more expensive than Ponds product. But its worthed !

Olay White Radiance Protective Cream SPF 24 PA++
I tried applying the product to my face after washing. It feels greasy upon application, but the skin absorbs it well after it dries, so the greasy feeling disappears. It has a mild feminine scent, too, which I like. Now i have discovered that it is a perfect partner for my 2-way foundation because it makes it stay longer while making my face less dry because of it’s moisturizing effect. No one would actually know if the product really worked, in my opinion, unless other people mentions a noticeable change in your look. Friends told me my face looked more supple and younger, which made me happy of course! Olay White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream SPF24 contains chemical sunscreens, fragranced and doesn’t leave white cast residue.  The ingredient is slightly different from the previous one and more moisturizing than old version- UV whitening cream SPF19. No breakout, a partly physical sunblock that suits my sensitive skin. Love the radiant-matte finish and non-oily consistency. This really gave me a glowing radiance on my face. This is the best daytime cream I have used so far! It has a nice smell, moisturizes very well without feeling greasy (it's a very good makeup base), lightens my skin tone (without looking like I put on a white mask), and it has SPF 24 with a PA++.
Good points: 
extremely effective at removing skin inflamation
lightened my skin tone by a few tones overall
makes my skin look radiant
accentuated all of my best features like my cheekbones, with it's radiant glow
beautiful smell
Cheap where I get it
seems to protect my skin from other climate like wind and cold.
minimized pores

Olay White Radiance Restoring Night  Cream
  For Revitalized Fairness. It helps allow skin to quietly reveal the fairness of inner skin in 3 steps:
• Revitalizes – Vitamin B3 provides cellular energy for skin to enhance skin’s renewal process.
• Works – Olay Whitening complex (Vitamin B3, Mulberry Extracts, Vitamin C) that actively reduces spots and evens out skin tone while you sleep.
• Nourishes – Multiple vitamins and rich moisturizing mixture to efficiently achieve better texture, clarity and glowing radiance for your skin.
At first I was quite concerned whether the cream would be too heavy for my skin. To my surprise, after using it for several weeks, it’s actually less greasy than I thought, and I didn’t find myself wake up with a shiny face. The cream is easily applied evenly over the face, and it actually does what it promises to “…achieve better texture, clarity and glowing radiance…”.
After using the night cream for about a week or so, I could already see that my skin tone was brighter than before. And now I’m using it on my neck as well.
I wonder if I should also slap the cream on my arms and see if it works there too..

Olay White Radiance Foaming Cleanser

The non-glossy packaging is not novel but definitely worth appreciating. The over-all look ties the whole message of the line. Good branding, I must say. It has that fresh, clean look. Very elegant. Nevermind the cool light green they threw in. Yea, I’d prefer a different colour but they’ve got their reasons, right?
What else is there to expect from a facial wash? What will set this product apart from all the others that I’ve used and reviewed? I reckon I’ll find out soon. 
But here are a few points where I’ll be focusing on:
1. Adaptability and compatibility of the formula. At the risk of sounding technical, I do appreciate a product’s effectiveness. Will it really cleanse my skin the way it said it would? Will it perform regardless of the skin’s state? Will it be consistent? Will it clog my pores? Will it cause my skin to break out?
2. Lasting effects. I can’t help but wonder if it will simply offer a creamy facial wash experience, which will mask the true state of the skin. How long will it take till I’d feel the need to wash my face again? Is the feeling of softness only momentary? How long will the “white radiance” on my skin last?
3. Usage. Usually you can read instructions at the back in terms of usage but sometimes, you end up using more of the product in order to get the “clean” feeling. Will it be easy to rinse off?
4. Over-all experience. It’s normal to consider the effectiveness of the product, i.e. will it leave my skin soft and supple? Are there nutrients that will help achieve a healthier skin? It is, after all, the main point of buying one. But I’m also looking for convenience and practicality, i.e. is it easy to massage onto the skin? Are there side effects? Did the tube dispenser properly allow me to control the amount I’d want to use? Is it travel-friendly?
5. Value for money. Of course, I would only be able to determine this with finality when I’ve tested the product for a period of time. Will it be worth all the money I spent on it? Can it be considered affordable?
With these things in mind, I know using this product will not be your typical beauty routine. BUT I’m not going to forget to try and enjoy it all the same. I love washing my face anyway. I’m simply hoping that OLAY can add onto the already pleasant experience.

 Olay White Radiance Intensive Restoring Mask
 The Olay White Radiance Intensive Restoring Mask is an Asian exclusive product by Olay. Its a very light, gel mask that has hydrating, cooling and repairing properties which are especially good for the summer months. The instructions say that you don’t have to wash it off, just wipe off any excess product with a cotton pad. 
The good:
This mask is very light, but offers good moisture even though you don’t have to apply very much. I also feel that its a gel mask, it does give me a good cooling sensation when applied, making it extra good for after-sun or summer in general. After I use this mask, I do feel that my pores have visibly shrunk in size and my skin is smoother.
The bad:
This mask isn’t very widely available, making it hard for anyone who is not in Asia to acquire this. Also, I felt that if I didn’t wash it off and just wiped it off like the instructions said, it made my face feel a little greasy, kind of like a silicone-y feeling. I don’t know if there is silicone in here because I couldn’t find the ingredients list. One of the biggest peeves I have about this product is that packaging: its in a tub. Although I try my hardest to keep my hands clean before I dig in, its inevitable that I might get some bacteria or other stuff into the big tub of gel. I feel that with a mask with this consistency, a squeeze tube might be more appropriate and sanitary.
Because its not a sheet mask, you don’t have to worry about it falling off, dripping, or drying up. Its also convenient as you can use it as a sleeping mask as well, just apply at night and then wash off in the morning. You get a huge tub of product, 130 grams, which will last you a very long time. I also feel that because my skin is a lot smoother after using this, it would make a very good prep mask for long-lasting makeup, especially if you have a good day to prepare for a night event or something. Its also faster and more convenient than using a sheet mask even though the properties are about the same. I didn’t see any visible difference in my skin tone, even though it is a White Radiance product meaning it should have whitening properties. But that is also good because it means its more gentle and suitable for people with more sensitive skin. I would recommend this mask if you want something more gentle for your skin, but still offers the benefits of a sheet mask without the hassle.

to be continued..
  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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