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Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumising Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
What makes these so special? Well, for one, they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Seriously...they are. The shampoo manages to clean without stripping or dryness...and condition it enough to feel soft, shiny, and not heavy. Just unreal volume that lasts through the entire day...I kid you not. Plus the scent is that perfect I-can't-stop-sniffing-my-hair scent that makes me smile everytime I get a whiff of it.

Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion
 What the ....??
yep, i love using this baby hair lotion. No kidding !! The reason why i fallin' love this baby product is BECAUSE by apply it on your skin head (not the hair) continuosly after wash your hair, it DEFINITELY will make your hair thicker !! Believe me !! I had not too much hair, and i got hair loss really bad, the only option is i must cut short my hair. I didn't want to do that ! I want to keep my hair long, so i was found the forum about how to make your hair thicker, and some peoples said by using some hair product which consists of many chemical ingredients. But there one person who said try baby hair lotion. Baby hair lotion basically would stimulate the hair growth so it would make baby's hair thicker. Yeah, you may wonders 'is it work for an adult like us?' 
the answer hell yeah..
I tried this product about 3 months ago, i applied this on my head skin (not hair) everytime after i wash my hair, its everyday. and after a week, i begin to saw many tiny little hair on the top of my head standing. Oh my GOD, it works !! And i keep using this product and right now, i had so many tiny little hair stand on my head, i'm happy.
Besides, on top of that, the fresh smell that you get from this product will stay for long time on your hair. When my boyfriend kiss me, he can smell the fresh smell from this product.

 Makarizo Hair Recovery
 Makarizo Advisor Hair recovery available in 8ml. A very small tube. You can buy it each small tube or a box contains of 6 small tubes. The price is 90 cent/tube. If you bought a box, it is cheaper. It is about $3/box.
When i was studying in college. A friend of mine recommended this magic small tube to me. I was complaining because I had dry hair and spli ends. She recommended me to buy Makarizo hair recovery to apply it every morning; especially in a semi dried hair after washing your hair. So, I decided to buy and try it. And I did not regret it! Thanks to my friend!
I apply this Makarizo hair recovery oil couple of drops every day especially when it is really sunny. Besides it nourishes your dry hair, it gives you shiny effect to your hair. It protects your hair during blow dry, and you can apply it as UV Protection. So far, I’ve been using it for 2 years and my hair just can not live it! A small tube last for a week and half to two weeks. Depends on how you apply it. I am so happy that I found a perfect vitamin to recover my damaged hair. Thanks Makarizo Hair Recovery! 

Makarizo Hair Energy
It's a hair mask, use it twice a week. Usually i choose the yellow one which consists of kiwi extract. It does make my hair smooth and smell so nice, its like bubblegum smell. Hahaha..
There's 3 variants of this hair mask as you can see above, Royal jelly, Aloe Vera and Kiwi.
Aloe vera is for a normal hair. Royal jelly is for a damaged hair. And kiwi is for a sraigthtened, curlier and colored hair.

Johnny Andrean Hair Tonic Growth and Strengthen
This is my hair tonic, i used this every nigh just before i sleep. In the instruction says, it give a perfect effects when apply it just before you sleep, because when you sleep, you would feel relax and your head and your brain would relax too, so the hair tonic would work better in that time.
usually i bought this straight from the salon itself, Johnny Andrean Hair Salon. Because this product is truly belong to Johnny Andrean Hair Salon and it was really rare to found the Johnny Andrean product in cosmetic store. What i love about this product is the effects and the scent. I have been using this for 3 months, and i felt like this product became the best partner of my zwitsal baby hair lotion. i use baby hair lotion on daytime after i wash my hair and i use this every night. They just a completed packages for me to make my hair thicker !! Because this tonic really stimulate the hair growth and gave a nutrition to my hair. And about the scent, oh yes, i definetely love this smell, so nice, it just like the smell of the salon itself. Its so familiar, because it smell like Johnny Andrean Hair Salon. Everytime i used this, i felt like i just had a hair treatment in Johnny Andrean Hair Salon. Hahaha...

JOHNNY ANDREAN Curl & Wave Styling Spray
~ Helps to create curly effects on hair
~ Creates longer, natural shines, and soft result
~ Protects hair from dryness caused by hair curling device
~ Contains Phytoprotein
I like to make a little waves on my hair, like a messy waves, so sometimes i used this styling foam to create the look.


Johnny Andrean Styling Foam Natural Hold
In case, if i didn't found the curl and wave styling spray above, because nowadays is quit rarely to found this thing. Even in the salon itself, sometimes they didn't had the product. it might be the production of the product had been stopped. So, this is my last choice, Styling Foam Natural Hold or Extra Hold. After all, i like johnny andrean's product. i love the smell. Hahaha..

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