Korean Hairstyles for New Years Eve Inspiration !! yeeeyy...

 I want share some korean hairstyles with you..
Because new years eve is near. 2010 is gonna leave us and i want to welcome 2011 with a whole new concept for me and my self. I just thought how about change my haircut, what a great idea.
i want something different, but fresh and stylish. Korean hairstyles might be the answer.
So, i've been googled an korean hairstyles and here's the pictures that i got, i share with you.
I hope the pictures below would give you an inspiration for makeover for a new years eve, just like me.
I will tell you what's my favorite haircut.
 Loveeee it..


and this is my favorite haircut..
i'm gonna cut my hair just like this in the end of years,
so new years, new style, new meeee...

how about you ???

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


aubby said...

i absolutely love these hairstyles, i'm printing these pics to take to my hairdresser! and i agree with your fave pic... i hope you don't live near me, i'd hate to have identical hair styles. :)

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