My 2010 Moments (part 1)

Make a wish please !!
I already had my wishes on my mind and my heart, and now i only can pray to GOD to make it all my wishes happen in this new year.
Now its 31st December in Indonesia, i dont know about you in the other continent. So tonight is new year's eve. Where am i going to celebrate this new year's eve??
hmmm... I'm still thinking about it. Because there's some options that i have about the place and the show offers a spectacular new year eve.. But i think about it again, it's not me that should plan about this, my boyfriend is the one that should make a new year's eve plan and gonna surprised me. Right ?? I'm just going with the flow, where he takes me. 

Right now, i want to look back along this 2010. What i have done? What i have reach? What the good and bad things that happen to my life? And all the memories..

I got my Architecture Bachelor Degree (April 2010)
 Finally, i got my bachelor degree after almost 6 years that i spent to pursued it. Hahaha.. Am i too stupid in this? NO..it because in my faculty, there is a lot of compelx requirements that i have to complete for continuing the subjects. There is NO grade D allowed for any subjects. And like no other major of studies, in my Architecture faculty, there is a deadline and we work in schedule that have been approved by our lecturer. And if we can NOT finish our design / our paper before the deadline, so automatically we must start all over again with a NEW concept of design. The old concept and design is not indeed anymore. And the worst is if you fail in one subject, you can't move into the next level, and you should start it again but you must wait for 6 months. Because the education system in Indonesia is using a semester (6 months periods). That's why it took so long for us, the Architecture students to finish our bachelor degree. But it's all worthed, my final test got a B+ grade, in fact, there was only 5 student that got B to B+ (no one got A grade, because in my Architecture faculty, grade A is so rare !! the highest grade that you could reach is B+, i donno why too..it's like a myth or tradition). 
(i was really fat that moment, oh shame on me....)
 ( my final test design, i was design a fitness center, which combine of fitness facility, spa and leisure facility and head to toe treatments. Maybe next time i shall wrote about my design concept which is a Postmodernism Architecture that focus on Metaphor / Metaphysics concept. )

to be continue...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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