I am V.I.P

During 2010, I become a die hard kpop lovers !!!
yeah right...
I have know kpop since 2008, but for the last a year, i really into this kpop, a really die hard kpopers. From all kpop group, i do really love YG Artist, escpecially

and recently YG had launched their new rapper duo, GD & TOP, whose originally Big Bang rapper, both of them was already had their own solo album previously. Other Big Bang member who also had their own solo album is Taeyang and Seungri. I love all the boys solo album. They just had their own unique style of music. But Daesung is the only member who had not doing solo album, but he does do act in some dramas and he also does a voice dubber in animation movie, Sammy Adventure.

 SeungRi / V.I
I'am VIP
VIP is named of Big Bang fanbase.

and here's their video that i really love so much..
take a look, and you will love them !

GD & TOP "knock out" MV
GD & TOP "high high" MV

Big Bang, "haru haru" MV

Big Bang "lies" MV

Big Bang "Tell me goodbye" MV

Big Bang "Beautiful hangover" MV

Big Bang "gara gara go" MV

Big Bang "let me hear your voice" MV

Big Bang, "lollipop 2" MV

TOP "Turn it up" MV

Taeyang "I need girl" MV

SeungRi "strong baby" MV

GD "heartbreaker" MV

GD "breathe" MV

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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