The Victory of The Youngest Maknae

It's been a long time i have neglected this blog. I'm so sorry guys. 
There's something that i must done this months. I'm so exhausted!!! 
But i'm still trying to bring this blog to life. Kekekekeke....

Yesterday i just knew that the youngest maknae of Big Bang had launch his mini album, VVIP. And he released 2 music video, "What Can I do" and "V.V.i.P". And he did a comeback stage on Mnet Countdown last night.

"What can i do"

Mnet Countdown "comeback stage"
Personally, i think he so cute, the cutest maknae of entire kpop groups. Kekekeke.. He's just like a prince charming. In his new music video, i saw that he's definetely gained so much progress of his singing skills, and ofcourse his dancing skills is impressed many people from the very beggining of Big Bang debut. His singing skills is so much improved since his last solo album, included Strong baby. 

We have seen Seungri's and GD TOP debut for the last two months. And now, can you imagine how great that Big Bang will comeback on February?? It's gonna be HUGE !! It's gonna be AWESOME !! It's gonna be a BIG BANG VICTORY in kpop industry !! It's gonna VIP !!
They will be back !! So watch out !!
The kings is back !!
And the yellow crown is breaking all over the world !!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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