How to Dress Like a Korean Man

I realize I need to write one for the guys out there who lack style and/or attire. I never understood why it’s hard for guys to dress nicely. Unlike girls, you guys don’t have a lot to choose from. The formula is pretty easy to pick up. Nevertheless, I hope you find this entry informative. Before I show you the pics, let me quickly share my pointers.

# Fellas, you do not need to follow every trend that Korean guys pull (i.e  Asian man perm was a major non-no) but in general, I say Korean guys pull off a clean cut look that European guys also carry.

# I don’t care if you’re preppy, just make sure it fits. That means no baggy blazers, polos and khakis. Baggy is messy.

# I don’t care if you’re fat, just keep it clean. Try not to look like a slob. Karl Lagerfield was a former fatty but he was always well groomed.

# I don’t care if you’re into the hip hop or urban look, in fact I love it when it’s done right. Pharrell is a great urban fashion icon.

# No Asian/white/Jersey/Latin/black/Persian trash of any kind.

# Smell is very important. Check to make sure you don’t have any body odor.

# Only Channing Tatum can pull off a tank top. I’m just kidding. Only muscular men like Channing Tatum can.

# The Beatles prove that you don’t need to look like a deadbeat to be in the band.

# Hoodies after the age of 25 is lame for men even if it’s worn with a blazer.

#You don’t need to be trendy to pull off confidence, people can smell low esteem a mile away no matter what awesome attire you’re wearing. The trick is to find what look best fits your style. If anything, simple and clean are the key ingredients if you’re totally clueless about this. Just remember to build your foundation and go from there, foundation being your self worth. Everything else is secondary.

This should be worn with either summer shorts or jeans. Source:
Great summer look
Every man needs a decent suit and a nice tie def helps.
Hat on pic looks awesome. Source:
I only like what the 1st, 4th, 5th and last guy is wearing.
Two completely different styles but they both work well. Source:

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