Get ready to Get Used with the Brown Eyed Girls!

Skin tight acid-washed jeans, laced-up ankle boots, and tie-dyed hoodies. These can rarely be pulled off by anyone but the Brown Eyed Girls that is Miryo, Ga-In, Jea and Narsha show us that they are not just anybody in the photo shoot for casual jeans brand, Get Used.

 In their latest endorsement with the casual jeans brand, Ga-In and Narsha took center stage and displayed a pretty, fun and tomboy-ish feel. Looking extremely beautiful in little to no make-up with some eyeliner and eyeshadow, I must say that all that was needed to make the shoot work is Narsha’s sultry smile and Ga-In’s stunning eyes.

 So, are you ready to own a piece of Get Used jeans for yourself?

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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