Beauty Tips and Recommendations [cont]

♥ When you spray perfume, spray it into the air and put your wrist under it.  You can also spray above you and walk under it. Much more natural 
♥ Don't smoke. Yellow teeth, Wrinkles, Leathery skin. Think of the lady in "There's Something About Mary" 
♥ Try to stay away from plastic surgery. It's amazing what you can do with makeup 
♥ Don't be afraid to use color.  It brightens your face, and can brighten your day and others too 
♥ If you're having an "ugly day", do as the celebs do and put on a hat, a scarf, and sunglasses.  You'll look mysterious! 
♥ Don't be afraid to go "all out".  Who cares what people say as long as you are happy with the way you look!  My favorite words: "Do whatever you want" 
♥ More important than having a beautiful face is having a beautiful heart.  
♥ Smile. You'll look 100 times more beautiful in an instant!  =) 
More Bang For Your Buck 
♥ If you drop an eyeshadow and it breaks, put it into a small jar and use as a pigment. You can use as eyeshadow, mix with gloss to make lipstick, or put on your cheeks as blush! 
♥ Add lotion to your foundation to make it lighter and more like a tinted moisturizer. 
Add lotion to concealer to make it more of a foundation texture. 
♥ Use Vaseline as lip gloss, eye gloss, and to give your skin a dewy look on the top of your cheeks 
♥ To make your manicure last longer, put on a clear top coat every day or every other day. 
♥ You can make your own eyeliner by mixing your eyeshadow with water or a liquid sealer (I recommend the latter) 
♥ Buy pure pigment to make your own makeup. You only need a very little as these are very strong colors. You can make eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks. 
♥ If you buy the wrong color lipstick, use it as a cream blush or eyeshadow. 
♥ If you don't want to spend a lot of money on makeup brushes, head to an art supply store (such as Pearl Paints, A.C. Moore, or Michael's) and buy paint brushes. Many come in the same shapes and can work just as well as a makeup brush. Just make sure it is soft and doesn't shed. 
♥ Use Conditioner as shave gel. It works just as well and makes your skin soft! 
♥ Use baby powder as dry shampoo. If your hair is really oily, put a little bit of powder into your hand and run through your roots. 



galleryibu said...

hi, i just found your blog, and i just can't stop reading it. you have a very nice blog!!
i clicked follow this blog straight away!

Brianna said...

Hello, I Love your blog as well <333 I'm not asian but Im very much into asian culture and Im loving ur Ulzzang make up links and your K-pop references <33 Thank you much ^__^
-Anna <3

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